More than just digital decorations, AtmosFEARfx and AtmosCHEERfx foster a passionate community of people who celebrate in a wholly different way, finding new and innovative ways to digitally decorate throughout the year.

Take Back Feb. 14 With ‘My Valentine’

On behalf of everyone who has received their fair share of anodyne carbon-copy valentines over the years, we are ready to take back February 14 — in a way that...

Who are We? A Look Behind the Curtain

As we enter the New Year, we’ve found ourselves reflecting on how we have grown over the years. So we thought it’d be a good time to pull back the...

New Year's Sale! 33% Off on All AtmosCHEERfx!

It's a great time to stock-up on the cheeriest digital decorations! Now through January 9, all AtmosCHEERfx Digital Decorations are 33% off!

Happy Holidays 2016

We invite you to take a quick look at some of our favorite AtmosCHEERfx Digital Decorations we have seen this winter. We are grateful for your support!

Creating a Christmas Carol at Your Home

It is no surprise to us that fans of AtmosFX have been looking for ways to creatively merge their love for decorating for Halloween and the Christmas season. In fact,...

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