AtmosFAN of the Week Dials Office Party Up To Amazing

Last week, we posted a short article showing how to upgrade your office party using AtmosFX Decorations. We won’t claim to have influenced Robert Holland, as he was clearly hard at work prepping his office party long before we posted the article. But clearly, great minds think alike. This display also serves as a great primer on how to dial-up the festivity quickly and easily for any office party. For this, the week prior to Christmas, we name Robert Holland AtmosFAN of the Week.

As the manager at Peoples Associates Structural Engineers in Milpitas, California, he set up this great 3D-projection mapping display in an otherwise neglected corner to great effect. 

What we love about Robert’s display is that he was able to effectively combine surface projections and a prop projections in the same space. As you can see, Virtual Christmas Tree and Night Before Christmas decoration collections are projected onto the walls. And in the middle is a 3DFX Form display, also from Night Before Christmas. Because Robert was able to combine three separate decoration effects using Adobe Premiere Elements, he was able to create the entire effect with only one projector.

“Our staff was impressed with the final result. They had never seen such a thing,” Robert tells us. “Before the party, my 3DFX Form with shroud was stashed in the corner of my office and people thought it was a ghost. I made them wait until the party night to see the full effect. Quite a few were perplexed about where the projector was located and spent time searching.”

Where was the projector? Hidden under the table!

Robert tells us he’s a member of the Facebook group “AtmosFX Fanatics.” It is a small group of fans that throw around ideas using AtmosFX Decorations. He documented some of the things he learned as he engaged in this process on the Facebook group. He says the “likes” he got encouraged him to continue and explore.

We are encouraged by Robert’s efforts, too! You can also see some of his work in the 2017 Holiday Sightings video we just posted, as well as the great work of many others. Of course, he’s now forever remembered as an AtmosFAN of the Week!

Know that the AtmosFAN of the Week honors won’t end, even with Christmas fast approaching. We’ve still got plenty of videos to share! And, if you haven’t yet sent us yours, please do – there’s a whole world of decorating fans that would love to see your work! Send us photos and videos to us using this easy online submission form, and you may be the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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