Add Some Cheer to Your Office Party

It is the season of eggnog, holiday sweaters and, of course, end-of-the-year office parties. All are time-honored traditions of the holiday season — though each could use a little pizazz. For eggnog, add a little brandy. Sweaters? Dig deeper into the cedar chest – there’s always something gaudier. But how to add a little extra somethin’ to the office party? We’ve got a few ideas using holiday-themed AtmosFX Digital Decorations

Commandeer the Computer Screens! The easiest thing you can do to add a little cheer to any party is to put the office computer monitors to work for you. Any of the Christmas-themed AtmosFX Digital Decorations will bring some holiday joy to the office. But we think the snowy winter scenes of Winter Wonderland quietly create just the right mood without being too showy.

Virtual Conifers for the Conference Room. So many office parties wind-up in the conference room – after all, that’s where everybody drops-off the goodies they brought. If your conference room has a projector, put it to use! The newest AtmosFX Digital Decoration, Virtual Christmas Tree, is perfect here – adding the spirit of the Christmas season without taking up a ton of space in the corner. And the post-party clean-up? The custodians will thank you.

Picture These Windows! Speaking of conference rooms, many have large windows that look out onto the rest of the office. Turn the conference room projector onto the window, adhere some AtmosGEAR Window Projection Material, and create a grand display. Think how great Christmas Carolers or Santa’s Workshop will enliven the party. Obviously, this will work on any window in the office. And if the windows are frosted for privacy, you might not even need Window Projection Material at all.

Deck the Walls. This is an easy one. Every office, warehouse, restaurant or event space where a party might take place always has large unused wall space. Take an unused projector from the office and go BIG – any AtmosFX Digital Decoration will work!

Greet Your Guests with Style. Lastly, don’t forget that there are also Christmas-themed digital decorations created for the 3DFX Form. Set the 3DFX Form at the entrance of your office party, and project scenes optimized for prop-display mode directly onto it! Using Night Before Christmas, Jolly ol’ St. Nick can greet your guests or sing carols as they arrive. There’s no better way to start the party!

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