Want to bring the magic of AtmosFX Digital Decorations to your business, attraction, game, broadcast, or product? AtmosFX Professional Licensing is here to help.

There are three types of Professional Licenses: Commercial Use Licenses, Product Licenses, and Media Licenses:

Any business (i.e, amusement park, attraction, restaurant) that intends to use our products in a commercial setting or at an event will require a Commercial Use License. This license also includes neighborhood and organization events where a fee is collected for-profit.

If you’re interested in incorporating our digital decorations and/or gear into your own products, AtmosFX Professional Licensing can help with that, too!

If you’re interested in using our digital decorations in your TV broadcast, music video, film, game, or other media, this is the type of license for you!

The benefits of


Build Eye-Grabbing Displays at Your Live Event or Theme Park!

Have a theme park? You can find AtmosFX licensed decorations at premier attractions like Alton Towers Park, Six Flags over Texas, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and Knott's Berry Farm.

We also work with DJs such as Nightlife Productions and leading institutions such as the Denver Botanical Gardens, the Glasgow Science Museum, the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and Industry, and Parks Canada.

Denver Botanical Gardens — Commercial Use License

Scare the Crowds Forward with Automated Frights in Your Haunted Attraction!

Of course, AtmosFX also appears in scores of haunted house attractions around the world such as Milburns Haunted Manor, le Manoir de Paris, Nile Nightmares and many, many more!

Milburns Haunted Manor — Commercial Use License

Closed at Night? Keep Eyes on Your Business!

Keep watchful eyes on the interior of your bar, store, or restaurant. Turn your shop windows into dynamic, seasonal video advertising during the hours that you’re closed. Some of our clients are literally stopping traffic with their sale announcements and holiday decorations.

Digital Signage Animations Deliver Valentine’s Day Hearts Holiday Cheer (external link)

UnLiving Portraits set up as watchful eyes in a cocktail bar — Commercial Use License

The benefits of


Mr. Christmas — Product License

Add High Quality Assets and Materials to Your Product!

Holiday decoration companies like The Reaper Brothers Lighting Company and Mr. Christmas successfully license AtmosFX digital decorations to add extra value to their suites of products.


The benefits of


Feature Digital Decorations in Your Broadcast, Film, or Video

Bring your broadcast or music video alive with Santa, Hoppy the Easter Rabbit, or any number of Halloween specters (both silly and sinister).

ABC15.com — Media License

License High Quality Assets for your Game or App!

Designers like Atlantis Virtual Reality and Grisly Manor Studios have licensed AtmosFX content with great results!.

To apply for a Media License, use the licensing contact form here.

Grisly Manor Studios — Media License

We’ve Worked With

We also work with registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations who believe wonder and delight should be a part of every celebration, not just the ones observed on the calendar. If you are a non-profit or charitable organization who wants to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations in a haunted attraction or other festive event, you may receive a Professional License at no cost.