Projection Screens

$15 Off!

Decorating Disc XL

$35 $20
29 reviews

This easy-to-use hoop-like projection screen brilliantly displays AtmosFX Disc Decorations in a circular format.

$15 Off!

Hollusion Projection Material

$49 $34
249 reviews

Easily create unforgettable hologram-like illusions any time of year with this special material that disappears in low light.

$10 Off!

Window Projection Material

$25 $15
60 reviews

This white, semi-translucent 4 by 6 foot Projection Material is perfect for projecting decorations on any window.

$15 Off!

Window Projection Material XL

$39 $24
54 reviews

At 5.5 by 9 feet, this white, semi-translucent material is designed for vividly displaying decorations on large windows.