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SonicStone Bluetooth Speaker

Stereo sound where you want it!

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digital decorating kit projector, remote, and packaging

Digital Decorating Kit

The easiest and most cost-effective way to digitally decorate is here – the Digital Decorating Kit!

Star Trek: Beam Me Up Ensign Bundle

Star Trek: Beam Me Up Ensign Bundle

Enjoy out of this world celebrations when you decorate with the Digital Decorating Kit and the Star Trek: Beam Me Up digital decoration collection.



The SonicStone weatherproof Bluetooth speaker hides discreetly in your displays and wirelessly delivers up to 18 hours of scares, songs, sounds, and stories on a single charge.

3DFX Form Sold Out

3DFX Form

The 3DFX Form from AtmosFX is a unique prop designed specifically for 3DFX Prop mode digital decorations to give you a new, exciting way to decorate. 


Hollusion Projection Material

AtmosGEAR Hollusion Projection Material makes it easy to create mystifying “hologram-illusion” effects.


Window Projection Material

AtmosGEAR Window Projection Material is a white semi-translucent sheet of nylon, perfect for large windows.


Window Projection Material XL

Window Projection Material XL is a bigger version of our original Window Projection Material. This new material measures 5.5' x 9' so you'll have a lot of space to play with.

Sprite Media Player & Motion Sensor Sold Out

Sprite Media Player & Motion Sensor

The Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor provides a simple way to display your high-definition AtmosFX Digital Decorations without using a DVD player or laptop.