Window Projection Material XL

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Turn large windows into a dynamic showcase when you crisply display projected AtmosFX Decorations onto them. Do ghosts inhabit your house? Is Santa making an early visit? Friends and neighbors will know your house is the place to celebrate, any time of year!

  • Measures 5.5 feet by 9 feet
  • Made of reusable washable woven polyester
  • 12 edge grommets for easy hanging
  • 3M Peel-and-Stick Command Hooks included
  • Or try the original 4 by 6 foot Window Projection Material


AtmosFX Window Projection Material XL is a larger version of our original Window Projection Material. This white semi-translucent material best displays AtmosFX Digital Decorations through excellent contrast and light diffusion. It’s easy to set up, store and reuse.

Window Projection Material XL creates a uniform projection surface in your windows, resulting in vibrant, realistic decorations. Compared to other materials, it has excellent light management, better image reproduction, and reduced hot-spotting.

This material also features twelve grommets for additional set up options. For fast and easy set up, use the included peel-and-stick hang tags.

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