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Hollusion Projection Material

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  • 5.5’ x 9’ material with twelve grommets
  • Six (6) peel-and-stick hang tags

Product Description

AtmosGEAR Hollusion Projection Material makes it easy to create mystifying “hologram-illusion” effects where ghosts and other characters appear to materialize from thin air. Hang this 5.5’ x 9’ piece of material in an open space and project a Hollusion mode optimized AtmosFX Digital Decoration onto it, creating unforgettable (and mess-free!) celebrations – any time of year.

Please note that all projection material purchases are final. Please take into account that projection material sizes may vary by +/- 0.5” in length/width.

To learn more about decorating with Hollusions, check out this how-to guide.

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Customer Reviews

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Kaitlyn Cieply


I can't believe how well it disappears! With a bit of lighting in the front and the cover of darkness you can barely make out that there is something that your image is being projected on to. I love it!

Gregory D.
United States

Love It!

I wasn't able to get it before last halloween season because they were sold out, but got it early this year.... Love it and thanks again!!!

Gig Harbor

Excellent customer service

Not only did we love our projector and digital downloads last year, when I contacted them with a problem of my own doing this year, they got back to me within minutes, and solved my issue. Thank you Atmos FX,



So glad we could help! Contact us again, anytime.

Matthew H.
Sydney, Australia

Examples of use

I already left a five star review - but I just wanted to show some examples to potential buyers of what this fabric is capable of if you want to use it for something other than decorating. We used it for a visualised electronic music performance: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-WtSwW1m2tlHlx0g9O4VSny2j0RuRc8hsg/view?usp=sharing You can see how crisp the image can get and how well in the right lighting the screen will just disappear. We used a 5100 lumens Sony projector. You can also see in that video how the projected image does shine through to the wall on the right side behind it. Another example of some development of the show with this hollusion material is here (although the lighting is worse, and projector not as bright in this setting): https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh6MslmgaF5/ Hope it's OK to share these links here... Just thought I'd provide some examples as I cannot recommend this screen enough!



WOW! This is phenomenally creative. Thanks so much for sharing your work with us, we are so thrilled to see our products used in such an innovative way!

Matthew H.

Great product - bought a second

I am not using this for Halloween decorations, but to use for audio-visual mixed reality performances as part of University research.This is so much better than the theatre scrim we were previously using... Much more transparent but still captures enough light to draw vivid 'holograms'. Only beware it does let through a lot of light to the other side because of its high transparency - so beware it will bleed through to surfaces behind the screen in line with the projector's beam. This can be remedied with angling the projector right, though. It is a very stretchy material. Very easy to work with.



Thanks for the review! You make some excellent points - naturally, projecting onto a mesh material does let light through. Finding the right projector placement is very important for creating the best quality effect. We're so glad you found a cool, creative use for the Hollusion Projection Material!

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