Great Ways to Use ‘Ghostly Apparitions’

Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising. But just like ghosts that repeatedly return to haunt their old neighborhood, Ghostly Apparitions Decoration Collection returns each Halloween as one of the most downloaded and utilized AtmosFX Decorations – year after year. 

With Hollusion Projection Material stretched tight across the door in a dark hallway, this Hollusion Mode Display is a great example of how captivating Ghostly Apparitions Decoration can be.

Why? Of course, the strange luminescent specters of Ghostly Apparitions are mysteriously unsettling. But it’s not just that. It is as if those mysteriously unsettling ghosts were designed to work flawlessly in Hollusion Mode. And, indeed, they were. Ghostly Apparitions was the first AtmosFX Decoration designed specifically to be projected on what would later become known as Hollusion Projection Material.

This groundbreaking technique of projecting onto what looks like thin air has become a mainstay in Halloween displays ever since the decoration was released. But it isn’t only the Hollusions. Ghostly Apparitions, year-after-year, has remained a crowd-pleaser (and crowd-scarer) on windows, walls and televisions, too. For this reason, AtmosFX released two sequels: Ghostly Apparitions 2 (2019) and Ghostly Apparitions 3 (2020). All told, there are 10 mysteriously unsettling specters across all the Ghostly Apparitions decoration collections.

Before we begin to describe the great ways to use the Ghostly Apparitions Decoration Collection, it is important to remember that for anything we say about the original, it also is true for the sequels. That means no matter how you choose to display this decoration – as a Hollusion, on a wall, on a window – you can seamlessly add any other ghost from any other Ghostly Apparitions decoration and not have to change a single thing.

Ready to decorate? Here’s a few amazing ways to use Ghostly Apparitions in your Halloween display.

Harness the Hollusion Effect

As we said earlier, the ability to create a holographic-like image with Hollusion Projection Material has been one of the most important reasons why Ghostly Apparitions has ignited such creativity in the minds of Halloween fans. After all, when you project this decoration onto this dark mesh-like material, it appears that the “Head of the House” has materialized from thin air, menacingly hovering nearby, head in hand.

For those unfamiliar with the technique, we’ve got a lot of helpful tutorials at, like this one here, but suffice to say you can create a Hollusion anywhere, indoors or out. For instance, you will often see an effective Hollusion Mode display in a dark corner of a yard – the Hollusion Projection Material hanging from a tree branch, arbor or clothesline. Indoors, a great location to place Hollusion Projection Material is a doorway, preferably at the end of a dark hallway. The only real requirement is that the material is stretched tight (so there are no wrinkles) in a dark location (so it disappears in the darkness).

Don’t forget that Ghostly Apparitions Hollusion Mode effects can be stunning when used in conjunction with a motion sensor, like the Sprite Motion Sensor and Media Player. By placing the motion sensor in a place where an unsuspecting victim might walk by, it can trigger the decoration, giving that victim quite a scare! All four characters in Ghostly Apparitions have startle-scare options as part of each individual decoration.

One last thing: Even though the four specters of Ghostly Apparitions (plus the six in Ghostly Apparitions 2 and 3) give you plenty of options for ghostly Hollusion Mode displays, remember there are even more from other AtmosFX decorations. Phantasms, Macabre Manor and Marley’s Ghost are great options. Or, if you want translucent ghosts that are more playful and family-friendly, consider Boo Crew and Ghostly Pets. You can make a playlist with scenes from each of these decorations and ghosts will appear and disappear all night long!

‘Wow’ With Your Windows

Sure, Hollusion Mode displays get all the attention, but that doesn’t mean that projecting Ghostly Apparitions on windows won’t ‘wow’ an audience. Trust us – you’re certain to draw a crowd on the sidewalk!

The first step is to cover the window of your choice with Window Projection Material before you do – pick a window that everyone will see. Think of this semi-translucent material as essentially a giant screen that allows everyone outside your home to see the projection. In the case of Ghostly Apparitions, that means it will look as though the infernal spirit “Wrathful Wraith” is haunting your living room. And because Window Mode Displays have a background built into the decoration, it will also appear that your living room has been remodeled in, uh, haunted house style.

Don’t forget that you can use Hollusion Projection Material in your windows, too. Because the material is see-through (as compared to Window Projection Material), it means you can easily make it appear for those people looking into your house that the ghosts have taken over. Just make sure the room is mostly dark with just a couple interior lights on. Make sure people can see you walk around in the room – people will be certain the house is haunted!

Walls and TVs, too

Projecting on walls is probably the simplest way to display Ghostly Apparitions – just shine your projector on any surface. After all, ghosts hover, float and loom wherever they choose, so you’ll never quite know where to expect them. They also look as though they are moving through walls, too! That’s true both inside and outside.

Another good option for displaying Ghostly Apparitions is on your television, computer monitor or tablet. Some clever decorators will place a TV in the window, covering it in some martieral like Hollusion Projection Material (or similar) to disguise the shape and take the shine off the screen. It almost works like a Hollusion effect, in that a ghost is materialing out of nowhere – and that makes for a mysterious display that is sure to capture people’s attention.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter which way you choose to display Ghostly Apparitions – or its two sequels, Ghostly Apparitions 2 & 3. These luminescent specters are sure to be a highlight of your Halloween decoration display no matter how you use them!

How do you use the Ghostly Apparitions Decoration Collection? Show us by sending your photos and videos using this easy submission form!

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