AtmosFAN’s ‘Big Finish’ is Perfectly Understated

We’ve seen it all before: Lavish and bright Halloween displays that have enough wattage to stress the electrical grid. Who doesn’t love those?!

Well, we do. And, certainly too, the neighbors around Blake Hambleton’s Richmond, Texas, home. As you can see from the video below, Blake has done a wonderful job creating a Halloween display that we all can love – one full of sound and color. 

We’ll start with the many large props, outfitted with LED lighting to great effect. Blake uses Light-O-Rama, a hardware and software package that enables him to synchronize the LED lights and music, making it appear that the large pumpkins, ghosts and Frankenstien’s Monster are all singing in unison. Blake says it takes him about a week to get everything set up and looking just right.

“We have a loyal following of families that look forward to the light show every year,” Blake tells us. “Sometimes they bring blankets and sit in the yard and enjoy the show.”

We can see why – it is a happy, colorful display. But then, we love the little surprise Blake springs on his neighbors. And on us.

As you can see, the whole display goes suddenly dark, and the “Beckoning Beauty” from Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decoration Collection hovers menacingly in the window. It is a great less-is-more technique, really turning the tables on all of us who were expecting a brighter, more playful display – until it goes dark, quite literally!

We always love these small surprises AtmosFANs hide in their displays; These are the subtle things that allow you to enjoy a display over and over again. Great work Blake, we can see why your neighbors are drawn to your yard!

With Halloween a little more than 100 days away, we know you are all preparing for The Big Day! Make sure to share your concepts, prototypes and just-plain-crazy ideas with AtmosFANs around the world – we all love the inspiration! It is easy to submit – just do so using this simple submission form!

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