‘Paranormal Passage’ Bursts Into the Human Realm!

We've heard the noise. We've heard the pounding on the walls and seen the cracking of the ceilings. And now, it has finally broken through. AtmosFX’s first digital decoration for Halloween 2017 is here – Paranormal Passage.

Could the spirits of the underworld have finally discovered a portal into this earthly plane? And could your home be their terrifying entry point? You are about to find out. Available exclusively as a high-definition (HD) digital download in the AtmosFX Online StoreParanormal Passage consists of three poltergeist-packed decorations that prove how fragile the barrier between the paranormal and human existence can be. 

Paranormal Passage features wall, window, TV and Hollusion modes, in both horizontal and vertical orientations. In addition, it also includes two additional versions for extra creep – spotlight and flashlight – revealing terrors in unique ways.

The complete collection of Paranormal Passage consists of three individual decorations – 'Spectral Surfaces,' 'Facade of Fright' and 'Possessed Portrait' – that can be purchased together or individually. The complete collection retails for $24.99, or $9.99 for each individual decoration

This new digital decoration is fantastic for surface projections, like walls, garage doors – even sides of buildings. Imagine your neighbors' consternation when it appears that a giant poltergeist is about to burst through the side of your house!

Speaking of surface projections, for those who are fans of AtmosFX's gruesome gallery, UnLiving Portraits, this new digital decoration will fit right in. 'Possessed Portrait,' features a spirit who seems to have possessed a 17th century painting. It'll be a great addition to your gallery.

For those who like to get their blood pumping, there are three startle scares included in the ‘Spectral Surfaces’ decoration. They’re a great addition for anyone who likes to provide a good jolt – and they’ll be even better with the soon-to-be-released AtmosFX Media Player, which is outfitted with a motion sensor.

Paranormal Passage is also thrilling when projecting on a window, Hollusion Projection Material or displaying on your TV. 'Spectral Surfaces,' in particular, is mesmerizing when used with Hollusion Projection Material – it makes it appear as though spirits from the underworld are emerging to haunt you from thin air. And if you play this digital decoration on something as simple as your TV, party guests will be certain that something unnatural is about to break through the screen. 

Still, we know that digital decorating fans will find hundreds of additional ways to use Paranormal Passage and other AtmosFX Digital Decorations to create truly amazing displays. And we can't wait to see them! Click here for more details and to see the Paranormal Passage official trailer. And, of course, make sure to kick-off the Halloween season now with a purchase of this haunting high-definition (HD) digital decoration!

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