Ask Gourdy: How can I combine food and decorations?

Dear Gourdy, I love Halloween and miss it already. What are some ways I can bring a little Halloween into my Thanksgiving? -Jason V.

Hey Jason. Gourdy here. I'm so glad you asked!

For years now the folks at AtmosFX have been telling us that we can use digital decorations anywhere: on walls, on windows, in televisions, almost anywhere. So I decided to put the idea of "anywhere" to the test. And, what better place to start than cake? CAKE!

In the past to get a digital cake you had to mix in all sorts of wires and glass. Not only did this taste bad—YUK—you ran the risk of choking your guests. YIKES!

Now you can have digitally decorated cake in the comfort of your own home, or the home of anyone who forgot to lock their door.

How about a bloody cake? Mom or dad are already waving a big knife around, who's to say what might happen? Red velvet is my favorite!

But a cake is more than just frosting, it needs the perfect filling and what's crunchier than tons and tons of tasty bugs? A cake-full of creepy crawly cockroaches: that'll keep the kids' fingers out of the frosting. MMMM, bugs!

But it's Thanksgiving time, so how about a bunch of nice autumn leaves you never have to rake? They look like fiber but taste like sugar. Sugar! Like in candy. This is one pile of leaves I can't wait to jump in! Ha-HA!

Speaking of sweet things: ever wondered what happened to the witch Hansel and Gretel pushed into the oven. Well she got mixed in to this cake, eyeballs and all! Ready for the Christmas! What's that special flavor? It's witch!

Help. Help. I've fallen into this cake, and I can't get out!

Yes, now you literally can have your cake and eat it too! But digitally decorated cake is for more than just national holidays and movie nights, you can have digitally decorated cake at white sales, at birthdays, during traffic safety classes, and at art openings! Is that cubist? No, it's cake! Everyone has heard of birthday cake, but how about one that explodes! With no mess!

If you're frustrated, like me, with how much time family members spend at the table looking at little phone screens, a digitally decorated cake is the perfect way to get all eyes back on the table. And why stop there? How about digitally decorated clam chowder? Digitally decorated mashed potatoes? Eerie Eyes on hard boiled eggs? 

The only limits are your pantry, and your imagination!

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