Grand Display: Creating Thrills for Every Scale

Halloween is approaching fast – and we know that many of you are putting together the finishing touches on your Halloween displays. And, as we do, it never hurts to look for a little inspiration. So this week, we look to Neil and Jeanene Hawley from St. George, Utah. We are delighted to crown them AtmosFAN of the Week.

The couple sent us several videos, each of which is something to behold. We start with with their crystal ball prop, which is simply a fantastic use of one of AtmosFX’s newest Digital Decorations, Eerie Eyes.

As you can see from the video, Neil and Jeanene have created a mesmerizing prop simply by projecting onto a glassy orb, creating the effect of a creature trapped in a crystal ball. It’s a great reminder for the rest of us to experiment with our projectors – you never know what might become a dramatic prop once you shine an AtmosFX Digital Decoration on it!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also show another of the Hawleys’ video submissions – this is simply a masterful Halloween presentation at a beautiful home!

What’s not to like? We love the great lighting and the judicious use of props throughout the property and, of course, the windows. The Hawleys have made exquisite use of their large windows and doors – we see Trick ’r’ Treat, Ghostly Apparitions and more. It is really a sight to behold!

And, according to Neil and Jeanene, their neighborhood agrees. Their family-friendly presentation attracts around 1,000 trick-’r-treaters, and they keep adding more effects each year.

“It’s my wife’s favorite holiday – bordering on obsession,” says Neil with a laugh.

For creating such a dynamic and inspirational display, Neil and Jeanene Hawley, you’re the AtmosFANs of the Week!

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