Even Dollhouses Can Be Haunted

One of the great things about AtmosFX Decorations is the ability to use them in strange and unusual places. Or, at least, in unexpected places.

That is certainly the case with the videos and photos Sue Williams of McHenry, Ill., sent us. Sue likes to take old dollhouses and redecorate them, creating haunted houses in miniature. Sometimes it is the smallest, the most seemingly innocuous things, that have the biggest impact. “People that see it are amazed and wonder how I did it,” Sue tells us.

If you ask us, what we find amazing is that a simple coat of gray paint can immediately transform even the cheeriest Playskool dollhouse into something strangely creepy.

But what amazes those people Sue is talking about, of course, is the small display of AtmosFX’s Ghostly Apparitions Decoration Collection in the top window. It was easy — and cheap: Sue took an unused cell phone and copied the ‘Ghoulish Girl’ individual decoration onto it, looping the scene so that it would play over and over.

Then, she simply placed the cell phone in the window, using a piece of paper the same color the room to help camouflage it. (Some fans also camouflage a screen by loosely hanging over it moderately see-through material similar to AtmosFX Hollusion Projection Material. The fabric helps distort the shape and brightness of the screen, whether it is a cell phone, computer tablet or monitor, or even a TV.)

It’s hard to imagine a less expensive way to create a clever little Halloween display like Sue did – after all, you can find countless abandoned doll houses at any thrift store, and who doesn’t have a few old cell phones laying around?

We’ve always been slightly enamored with miniature decoration displays – the small size seems to increase the ‘how-did-they-do-that?’ factor almost exponentially. (Another great example of this is two-time AtmosFAN of the Week Justin Delacuetara – check out an example here.)

One other reason we like the small format? It allows you to tinker with your display at your leisure, adding creepy details whenever you’re inspired, while not taking up every last inch of the garage or basement. (We admit: We are guilty of that!) Sue is already at work on another, larger, haunted dollhouse – this one using the ‘Head of the House’ individual decoration from Ghostly Apparitions.

Sue, great job on your clever – and inexpensive haunted dollhouse. It’s small size makes a large impact!

No matter where and how you use your AtmosFX Decorations, we want to see it! Send your photos or YouTube links to us using this simple online submission form at our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame page!

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