Big Scares Go Small

September 08, 2016 | Posted in Freak of the Week

It has been a month or two since we spotlighted a Freak of the Week™ candidate – no surprise, really, as the spirits can be scarce during the summer months. (At least the spectral kind!)

But as the temperature cools down, the Halloween season is heating up – and we are seeing some great Freak of the Week candidates materialize from thin air. Which brings us to this great Pepper’s Ghost effect from Justin Delacuetara.

As many of you know, the Pepper’s Ghost effect is a centuries-old technique that uses a projection onto glass (or other stuff, even Hollusion Material) to create the illusion of a ghost appearing and disappearing in thin air. Justin created this miniature kitchen and used AtmosFX’s ‘Witching Hour’ to create this devilishly diminutive lair.

Justin fabricated the entire miniature scene himself. The detail is great – and there’s something strangely scary in downsizing an effect like this – as if to say: If this is the kind of detail I’m going to put into small effect, what large scares might be lurking at my haunt?

That’s exactly the type of thing we love. And it is what makes Justin our latest AtmosFX Freak of the Week. For that, he’s earned a $9.99 download – and endless praise from all of us, too. Keep up the great work, Justin!

Think you have what it takes to be the next Freak of the Week? Show us how you’re using our digital decorations and YOU may be our next featured decorator! Send your photos or YouTube links to, and make sure to put "Freak of the Week" in the subject line.

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