AtmosFAN Builds Comprehensive – and Tidy – Halloween Display

If we had our way, Halloween decorations would be a year-round thing. After all, if people can leave their Christmas lights around their house all year, why not gravestones, fog machines, zombie animatronics and, of course, AtmosFX Digital Decorations, too?

Alas, we realize many of you prefer to dismantle your Halloween displays – presumably to celebrate something else like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. With that in mind, we give you Matt Lawson and family. By mixing together just the right amount of props and digital decorations, they have created a large and beautiful Halloween decoration display that covers their entire home and can still be put away in no time. And a small closet, no less!

As you can see from Matt’s San Juan Capistrano, California, home, it just takes a few simple props, a few AtmosFX Digital Decorations, and a comprehensive vision to put together a terrific looking Halloween decoration display. The tattered curtains and the window boards are just the right amount to really “sell” the idea of a haunted home – without having to spend countless weekends and late nights building and installing props.*

Matt has deployed three different types of digital decoration displays – window projections on the top floor, Hollusion projections on his front porch, and a Pumpkin prop display on the front lawn. We love that the digital decorations – including Ghostly Apparitions, Boo Crew, Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree and others – are enhanced, and not overshadowed, by the props.

The result is an incredibly well put-together Halloween decoration display that, Matt tells us, the neighbors call the best in the neighborhood. And better than that, a few of his neighbors have even asked, “Do you work at Disneyland?” Who doesn’t like to hear that?

And, yes, when Halloween is over and you are ready to take everything down, Matt really has figured that out, too. “I love how portable digital decorations are,” Matt tells us, “Even though it looks like a major professional production, we are able to keep all of our halloween decorations, indoor and outdoor, in a small closet. It all gets cleaned up and put away in a few hours.”

And the faster you can put your decorations away, at least for some of us, the sooner you can decorate for the next holiday! Great stuff, Matt!

What holidays do you like to decorate for? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? No matter what you like to celebrate, we want to see your work! Send us your photos and videos using this easy submission form!


* Although we admit, for many of us, that’s half the fun!

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