AtmosFANs Celebrate Halloween Around the World

Over the years, we’ve seen great AtmosFX Digital Decoration displays all over the world. And we admit, even with AtmosFANS in more than 150 countries, we still get a tingle down our spine every time we see a display, as we say, in the wild.

And that’s doubly the case when we see displays outside the United States. After all, doesn’t everyone want to see what Halloween looks like around the globe? (Hint: It looks like fun!)

Here’s just a few that we have enjoyed.

Remco de Swart - Blaricum, Netherlands

We haven’t looked it up, but it seems like we see more displays from the Netherlands than any other country in Europe. We love the light and color in Remco’s display – all of which helps obscure the Hollusion Projection Material, making a strong Hollusion effect featuring Bone Chillers and Ghostly Apparitions 3 digital decoration collections.

Sharleen Theuma - Msida, MaltaThe timeless mystery and lore of this island republic just begs, it seems, for a good haunting! Sharleen sent us tons great photos that prove exactly that, but we are particularly taken with these two projections (and the clever adornments that support them) of UnLiving Portraits and Creepy Clowns digital decoration collections.

Rafael Hidalgo y Teran - Mexico City, MexicoWe love how flexible digital decorations can be – especially when combined with other things fans love. And who doesn’t love Nightmare Before Christmas?! Clearly Rafael does, and he has put together a spellbinding Tim Burton-esque theme using Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree Digital Decoration Collection.

Arnold Andrews - Box Hill, New South Wales, Australia As North Americans, we always love seeing Halloween displays from Australia – there are few things more unsettling than Halloween night that takes place in warm weather! There’s a ton of warmth and color in Andrew’s display, as well – including a great back-projection of Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decoration Collection, and bright use of Halloween Window Digital Decoration.

André Meyer - Lübeck, Bundesland, Germany

Sometimes the stunned silence of trick-or-treaters tells you everything you need to know about the success of your digital decoration display. In this case, Andrés’ Hollusion projection of Creepy Clowns Digital Decoration Collection atop his house – the beam of light from the projector perfectly hidden away – is a showstopper.

No matter where you celebrate Halloween – or any holiday! – we want to see how you celebrate with AtmosFX Digital Decorations. Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and you might be the next AtmosFAN of the Week. Not only will you inspire digital decorators worldwide, you will also win a free digital decoration collection!



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