Amazing Ways to Use ‘Ghostly Apparitions 3’

Over the years, there have been few AtmosFX Decorations that have so completely captivated the collective minds of Halloween fans like that of Ghostly Apparitions Decoration Collection. With the release of a second, and now third, sequel, the ways to display these strange ghosts only continues to grow.

The coastal waters around Meggett, South Carolina, have been a favorite haunt for pirates for centuries. Deborah Stier Carson created a spooky and picturesque Pepper's Ghost effect using the "Ghost Pirate" of Ghostly Apparitions 3. Check out how she did it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

So, what’s new in Ghostly Apparitions 3 Decoration Collection? Plenty of good things. There are three new phantoms in this decoration – the Twisted Twins, the Ghost Pirate and the Materializing Maid. (Yes, that’s four. But we’re counting the pair of twins as one ghost!) Just like all the characters in the three Ghostly Apparitions decorations – there are now a total of 11 – they are at once mesmerizing and menacing … and sometimes downright scary.

Each of the three characters has six unique scenes, including a series of startle scares. How can you use them? We’ve got some great ideas on how to cleverly deploy the characters of Ghostly Apparitions 3, which we will detail below. But first, let’s start with the basics for any of the three Ghostly Apparitions digital decorations.

Best Places to Display Any of the 11 ‘Ghostly Apparitions’ Phantoms

As is true for all three Ghostly Apparitions decorations, no matter where you display it, it is going to look great. There’s just something about these hauntingly beautiful translucent ghosts, regardless whether you display them on a TV, monitor or tablet, or project them on a wall, window, or on AtmosFX’s own Hollusion Projection Material. You can give ’em a try anywhere, but here’s three easy places to use any of these ghosts that are particularly effective.

  • Walls - Walls, of course, are about the easiest place to project any AtmosFX Decoration – just project directly onto them! In the case of the Ghostly Apparitions phantoms, Each of the ghosts will appear as though they are travelling through your walls. And here’s a tip: if you project onto right-angle corners (where two walls meet, or where walls and the ceiling meet), the phantoms can look three-dimensional.
  • Windows - When you cover your windows with Window Projection Material XL, your neighbors will think, for example, the Materializing Maid from Ghostly Apparitions 3 is using some unconventional techniques to clean the house. Because Window Projection Material isn’t transparent, window displays will include backgrounds that accompany the ghosts.
  • Hollusions - Of course, it is often the combination of Hollusion Projection Material and Ghostly Apparitions decorations that are most dramatic. When the projection material fades into the darkness and only the projection of these translucent ghosts remains, the effect of a ghost floating or materializing in thin air is striking. It is one of the most “realistic” looking effects you can create.

And don’t forget that you can also use Hollusion Projection Material in your window. It will work just like an Hollusion display anywhere else, like in a doorway or arbor. The difference, of course, is that people will be able to see inside your house – and it will appear that a ghost is inhabiting it. Just hang the material across the window like you would Window Projection Material, turn most of the lights down in the room and begin projecting. Because the material is see-through, projector placement becomes even more important – you’ll want to make sure the projector is placed at an angle so the brightness of the bulb gives the illusion away.

Cool Uses for ‘Ghostly Apparitions 3’

We’ve detailed some (but not all – not even close!) of the most common ways that you can use any one of the 11 ghosts from the three Ghostly Apparitions decorations. So what are some unique things you can do with Ghostly Apparitions 3? We’ve got a few ideas – and we are sure that our creative fan base will think of countless more! Still, here’s a start.

  • Create Cool Halloween Themes - We’ve seen plenty of pirate and nautical Halloween displays over the years, and the antics of the plundering Ghost Pirate will take those thematic displays to the next level. And for those who like to allude to their favorite spooky movies in their displays, it goes without saying that “Pirates of the Caribbean’ is a no-brainer. And along those same lines, for those who love “The Shining,” the Twisted Twins will become the centerpiece of the display!
  • Host a Halloween Dinner Party - Hosts of Halloween dinner parties or murder-mystery parties can display an optimally timed Hollusion projection of the Materializing Maid in a dark hallway or corner. It would ensure that no one would ever forget the party!
  • Create a Crafty ‘Trunk-n-Treat’ - In the past few years, we are seeing more people consider the “trunk-n-Treat” Halloween option as a way to still deliver candy while remaining socially distant. With the use of a portable projector (like the AtmosKIT Plus) and some Window Projection Material in your windshield, you can create a dramatic automobile-themed window projection. And what could be better than the Ghost Pirate at the helm of your car?

  • Halloween Village and Other Petit Displays - A lot of Halloween fans enjoy creating Halloween villages and other miniature displays. Perhaps because no one expects it in these smaller displays, the phantoms of Ghostly Apparitions 3 are uncommonly captivating here. Using a pico projector, you can easily haunt a dollhouse, train set or other miniature display. And don’t forget tablets or unused cell phones – you can copy Twisted Twins, for example, onto them and simply place them in a window of a doll house. It is instantly haunted!

    But, again, all this is just a start. We know there are countless ways our fans will use the new Ghostly Apparitions 3 Decoration – as well as the previous two! And as you do, make sure to send us photos and videos of them here! We all want to be inspired! 

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    Shawn Wilson of Salina, Kansas, built a haunted mirror with Ghostly Apparitions 3 that is both mesmerizing and easy to build. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
    One talented AtmosFAN from built a plywood facade at his Ladera Ranch, Calif., home. In the cutout window are the "Twisted Twins" from Ghostly Apparition 3. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
    Kimberly H. has got nearly everything going at her Saint Albans, W.V., home, including a great Hollusion effect featuring the “Twisted Twins” on a swing set from Ghostly Apparitions 3. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.


    Check out how these and other AtmosFANs use Ghostly Apparitions 3 Decoration Collection – as well as many other techniques and decorations – in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame!

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