AtmosFAN’s House has Nearly Everything

When our brains start to get soft during the dreary summer months in the AtmosFX Developmental Dungeon, we like to play our own version of “Where’s Waldo?” to keep sharp. That is, we watch video submissions from AtmosFANs to see how many decorations and projection modes we can find. That brings us to Kimberly H., who has got nearly everything going at her Saint Albans, W.V., home. 

Kimberly tells us that she’s been decorating with AtmosFX Decorations for 10 years. And with nine projectors currently running – that’s almost one per year!

With all those projectors going, it makes it easy to spot all of the different types of projection modes scattered throughout Kimberly’s yard – starting with a great Hollusion effect featuring the “Twisted Twins” on a swing set from Ghostly Apparitions 3 Decoration.

Of course, there’s too many decorations to detail them all here – and isn’t it more fun to see how many you can find? (We found all nine!) Don’t miss the discreet use of the AtmosFX Decorating Disc, multiple window mode projections, as well as a doorway mode projection. And we love that Kimberly discovered that, in addition to all three Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree decorations, Halloween Moon Decoration also has a pumpkin prop mode!

According to Kimberly, we are not the only ones who enjoy searching out all the different decorations and projection modes. “Everyone in our little town seems to love it,” she tells us. “So far, my neighbors love it just as much as we do. There is so much going on you can spend an hour just watching.”

Isn’t that the point? We sure think so! Great work, Kimberly!

How do you decorate for Halloween? We want to see your displays from past Halloweens … or your plans for this upcoming one! Either way, it is easy to submit your photos and videos using this simple online form. Everyone who submits earns some Kudos that can be used at, and those who are featured will receive a free AtmosFX Decoration Collection!

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