AtmosFAN Creates Haunted Halloween Wedding

We just can’t quit Halloween. And why should we? We are still receiving amazing photos and videos from this past October. (Have you sent yours?) And speaking of amazing, this week we take a look at an extremely theatrical Halloween display from longtime AtmosFAN Jay Shuck of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

Some of you might remember Jay from his clever “Crypt Corral,” which held three AtmosFX 3DFX Forms firmly in place. That earned him an AtmosFAN of the Week honor, which you can read about here. There are even “how-to” images of how he built it.

You can see the Crypt Corral in action in this video – the ghosts of Boo Crew Decoration Collection look great as they linger in the church graveyard. But what we’re really here for is the realistic free-standing chapel that Jay built, complete with pneumatics, original video and AtmosFX Decorations. It looks fantastic.

Jay says he started working on his concept this past spring, building the chapel in parts. But when it came to assembling the entire structure, Jay had to do so in a nearby relative’s barn. A few weeks before Halloween, Jay disassembled his creation and began reassembling it in his yard. “Afterwards, all the pneumatics, mechanics and electronics were added and tested,” he tells us. “It was a challenge to keep in the church blanketed in tarps to protect it and the equipment whenever there was a forecast for rain.”

We assumed the images in the church windows were Window Mode projections, but Jay tells us otherwise. Not only did he worry about how the damp weather might affect the projectors, but he wanted to make sure each window was crystal-clear and looked as good as the next. “I decided to bite the financial bullet and buy three flat-screen televisions,” he says.

“Other than the church itself, the videos were the main attraction, so I didn't regret the purchase,” Jay adds. “The colors and sharpness of the stained glass window videos – as well as the flames and the bride – were outstanding on the flat screen TVs.”

We think Jay’s use of Halloween Window Decoration, indeed, looks incredibly bright and sharp. So too, when the building catches flame – that’s AtmosFX’s Inferno Decoration Collection. He used a Sprite Motion Sensor Media Player to store the decorations and effects, which were triggered by Light-O-Rama controllers and software.

As for the bride at the center of the display? Jay tells us that she’s the granddaughter of a neighbor. Jay filmed this original content at night on his back porch.

Bravo, Jay! Your entire display is absolutely mesmerizing and every last detail is magnificent. We cannot wait to see what other masterful effects you will create! And if you want to learn even more about Jay’s Halloween display, you can see additional videos (like this one) at his YouTube channel, Ghost of Autumn Wood.

Have you sent in your Halloween photos and videos? There is still time – we want to see your creativity! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form. Not only will you earn Kudos for discounts at, but you may earn a complete decoration collection as AtmosFAN of the Week!

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