AtmosFAN Crafts Cool ‘Crypt Corral’

It is September, also known as the time of year when everyone is down in their basement lair, hard at work on their Halloween projects. It is also the time of the year when we can take a peek at some clever displays that are in progress.

In this case, we are salivating over what Jay Shuck of Huntingdon, Penn., is making. It is a “Crypt Corral” that holds three 3DFX Forms that will display the Boo Crew Decoration Collection.

While the 3DFX Forms have a wide mouth in the base to add sand or water for stability, we love what Jay does here. His wood-frame structure not only serves to keep the forms in perfect position for the projector, but when he adds the rigid foam board, it hides the bases. Jay calls it his “Crypt Corral” and it makes for a great centerpiece to any Halloween display.

Because it is still September, you can’t see it yet, but Jay tells us that he intends to place his Crypt Corral in a cemetery that he will create at his home. The Boo Crew Decoration will be displayed on the 3DFX Forms, triggered by a motion sensor. He knows it will captivate passers-by as they check out his display.

It looks like those passers-by are in for a treat! But according to Jay, the neighbors know what to expect when they visit his home. “They’ve come to expect something out of the ordinary every year,” he tells us.

Well done, Jay – you have created a great looking prop that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. We cannot wait to see what the entire display looks like this October!

What projects are you working on? Send us your photos and videos using this easy submission form – it will help inspire the countless Halloween fans across the globe! Sure, that’s satisfaction enough, but you just might also be named AtmosFAN of the Week and win a free decoration collection!

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