AtmosFAN’s Perfect T-Day Presentation

It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey and all the trimmings. That’s certainly the case at Courtney K.’s home in Orlando, Florida. But we’re not talking about what Courtney presented to guests at her table (though that was assuredly lovely, too), rather what she presented to her neighbors outside her home!

It would be easy to spend a lot of time enumerating all the cool ways Courtney re-fashioned her Halloween cabin into one that celebrates Thanksgiving Day. After all, it re-uses recycled materials and features a fantastic Window Mode Display featuring Turkey Tomfoolery Decoration. Plus, Courtney says her creation will soon transform into a Christmas cabin!

But, as much as we could go on and on – we won’t! It is Thanksgiving, after all – a time to celebrate friends and family! So let’s get back to that! Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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