AtmosFAN delights guests at ‘Zombies Rule’ Party

Who needs to provide detailed directions to a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ party when all you really need is to light a car on fire in your driveway? AtmosFAN Andrea B. did exactly that to entertain guests at her Everett, Washington, home. Well, it certainly looked like that.Obviously, that wasn’t an actual fire. If it was, she’d have a problem far worse than zombies – she’d have to deal with the homeowners association! This, of course, was simply a projection of AtmosFX’s Inferno Decoration, aided by a small projector and Sprite Motion Sensor and Media Player inside the car.

To create the effect, Andrea placed Window Projection Material in the windows of her car – on one side. On the other side, she placed black plastic in the windows to ensure that there was no light spill that would ruin the effect.Once inside, Andrea’s guests had plenty to look at, as well. The use of the mysterious handprints (from Spectral Signs Decoration) in the door of the dining room adds a nice touch. But what we really love is when clever decorators like Andrea place their projectors outside and project into the house.

“I was determined to have zombies walking past windows for my indoor guests, but there was a rather large obstacle in the way,” she tells us. “A tree located between two of my windows blocked the projection view with its leaves. So I positioned my projector off center and angled it between branches.

“To my surprise,” she adds, “the leaves in combination with Zombie Invasion! looked very natural and realistic.”As for her guests, Andrea says they found the decorations “disturbing.” But that can only be a compliment when you host a zombie apocalypse party, right? We know Andrea certainly thinks so!

Have you used AtmosFX Decorations to create amazing displays at a party? We want to see it! Every submission will earn you points for use at, and winners will get a free decoration collection of their choice. Submit your photos and videos here, using this easy online submission form!

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