AtmosFAN’s Clever Fencing Makes a Great Hollusion

We’re pretty sure the fencing that Amber G. erected at her Indianapolis, Indiana, home probably won’t keep the dogs in. But by cleverly incorporating an Hollusion projection effect into the wrought-iron gates, she just might keep the trick-or-treaters out! Or, at the very least, give them a good old-fashion scare before they come to the doorstep for candy.
To be clear, there’s a lot of great stuff in Amber’s Halloween display — like creepy jack-o’-lanterns and skeletons swinging from trees. But we are special fans of the wrought-iron fencing she constructed, as well as the faux-stone pillars that support it. It is an amazing centerpiece of her display – you know all eyes will be on it. And that makes it even better when you find out what she does with it.

Aside from being a cool Halloween centerpiece, Amber’s fencing is also the perfect way to hide the semi-transparent garden netting that she attaches to it. (The material is similar to AtmosFX’s Hollusion Projection Material.) By stretching the material behind the fence, Amber has done a great job hiding its seams and edges, which makes it almost impossible to detect.

And THAT, of course, makes even more amazing when Amber makes it appear as though skeletons from the Bone Chillers Decoration Collection are attempting to escape the confines of the fence. Why don’t they just go around?! Who cares – the effect is both startling and mesmerizing, as the skeletons seem to rattle the bars in their efforts to break free.Of course, the skeletons aren’t the only specters haunting this Halloween display. The Wicked Wraith from the Phantasms Decoration Collection can also be seen menacingly floating through Amber’s yard — might it pass through the iron bars? Maybe! Regardless, we are sure it will send shivers down the spines of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

We love it, Amber! Both elements work together to create a cohesively creepy experience — it is no wonder you won your neighborhood decorating competition! We can’t wait to see what you do next year!

If you have your own cool display you’d like to share, don’t wait until next Halloween to show us! Submit your photos and videos using our easy online submission form, and you could be featured as our next AtmosFAN of the Week. Not only will you have the chance to inspire fellow Halloween enthusiasts around the world, but you’ll also earn points towards exclusive rewards in the AtmosFX online store. Don’t be shy – show us what you’ve got, and let’s keep the Halloween spirit alive all year round!

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