Valentine Haunted Houses Around the U.S.

From Halloween Houses to a Krampus Christmas, the Haunted Holidays keep going and the ghouls aren't done yet! We here at AtmosFX have been keeping an eye our for special events and Valentine's Day-themed attractions around the U.S. Our totally unscientific, largely uncurated list is below. AtmosFX does not endorse or condone any of these events. In fact, based on what we've seen, anybody with a lick of sense would run the other way and enjoy saner entertainments. Click on the title or associated image to visit the websites and you'll see what we mean.

We've found Bloody Valentines, a Vampire Masquerade, a couple Friday the 13th haunts, and even a horror-themed Groundhog Day! Know of any we missed? Add them to the comments at the bottom. 

Click on this list to jump to a US State with haunts in February:

Arx Mortis at Ghost Hill (Killen, AL) — Feb. 10th, 14th &17th

6th Annual "My Bloody Valentine" event at Arx Mortis! Their website doesn't give much away but one thing may be certain, something foul is afoot in Alabama! 

Haunted Hill (Huntsville, AL) — Feb. 12th-14th, 6pm-9pm 

This isn't your typical haunted attraction. Yes you can go to a Haunted House for 30 mins, then go home, but what if you could go to a Haunted House, stay inside and dine with the actors, solve a mystery and enjoy a cash bar. All while getting scared around live action actors. Well The Angel Squad & Straight To Ale Brewing bring you...
Haunted Hill's My Bloody Valentine Event, A Murder Mystery Dinner Theater & Haunted House.

Nightmare at 3008 (Fultondale, AL)— Feb. 9th, 10th & 14th, 7pm-11pm

Once you have entered the halls of Nightmare 3008 you may feel like there is a cloud of fear looming all around you.

As the door shuts, you are thrown into the darkness to feel your way through all the twists and turns as our misfits are closing in on you with each step you take. Hopefully you can make it out before the terror sets in and you become a hostage like so many before you. This is where nightmares become reality!

Spook Trail (Quinton, AL) February 2nd Groundhog Day Haunt!

Alabama's One & Only Spooktrail Mazeum Of Monster & Mayhem One of Birmingham's Oldest Haunts. Spook Trail is an outdoor maze trail featuring freaky looking monsters and dark passageways. Quinton is about 30 minutes north of Birmingham. A dark trail is always scary. Here you add a few strobe lights, scary actors who touch and grab you, and both the surprise and anticipation of the next monster fright. 

Valentine X by the 13th Floor (Phoenix, AZ) — Feb, 13 & 14th, 7:30pm to 10:30pm

13th Floor Haunted House presents: Valentine X, a thrilling experience this Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day. Come face to face with the Bear Butcher and his chainsaw in candlelit horror, as he unites his copycats in a murderous act of purity to those with adulterous sins. This February, Bear Butcher’s message is deadlier than ever before.

Valentine Haunt (San Francisco, Sacramento) — February 10,11, and 14th. 7pm- 11pm

You get one dim flashlight to navigate a massive, pitch-black haunted house. Located in the Bayfair Center of San Leandro, CA looks like it might create long-lasting relationship issues with reality itself.

All Saints Lunatic Asylum Haunted Attraction (Apple Valley, CA) — Feb. 9th and 10th, 7pm-10pm

Love is the scariest emotion of all, come join our Lunatics at All Saints Asylum for a very special Valentines event… Lights out!! Can you get through the entire maze in the dark?

Valentine's Day Massacre by Fright Haven (Stratford, CT) — Feb. 9th - 11th, 7pm-10pm

We know when it is. We know where it is but, based on their poster and website, maybe that's all we should know. Connecticut has a dark side. Oh yes, they do. 

Folklore Haunted House: My Bloody Valentine (Acworth, GA) —Feb. 16th & 17th, 7:30pm-11pm

Want to get close to someone? Come out to our 9th Annual Bloody Valentine Event. Tickets $15.00 Cash or Card at the box office only. No Online tickets.

Hmmm. When they ask, "want to get close to someone," they don't really specify who. Probably best to stay home with gas station roses and stale chocolate. Of course, if you're on the adventurous side you might check it out but don't say we didn't warn you. 

Basement of the Dead (Aurora, IL) — Feb. 9th & 10th, 7pm-9pm

Chicago Illinois Haunted Houses are some of the SCARIEST and BEST in America! Basement of the Dead haunted house is rated and reviewed as one the best and scariest haunted houses, haunted attractions, and Halloween events in America! Basement of the Dead haunted house is located in Aurora, Illinois and has one of the scariest haunted houses in America! Prepare to scream at the Basement of the Dead haunted house. This Halloween you can’t miss the scariest and best haunted attraction in the entire state of Illinois, Basement of the Dead. Basement of the Dead haunted house in Aurora Illinois which is just outside of Chicago Illinois is simply put one of the BEST haunted houses in the country. The Basement of the Dead attractions features some of the scariest actors, crazies scenes, and amazing set design, plus one of the industry's best 3D haunted houses!

Factory of Fear (Moline, IL) — Feb. 9th & 10th

"The Factory of Fear is the longest running Haunted Attraction and the largest indoor Haunted Attraction in the Quad Cities." That's all we could find out about February at the Factory of Fear. However, we suspect that their idea of "speed dating" involves a lot of running and screaming — just a hunch. 

The Massacre Haunted House (Montomery, IL) — Feb. 13th only 

Nothing says “I love you” like a bloodcurdling scream that will send your date into your arms faster than you can say, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll protect you.” Since they say Love is blind, we hope you aren’t afraid of the dark, as this special event is a BLACK OUT. You will have to find your way through the massacre using only a glowstick, and as if that was not enough, there is NO SET PATH. Tickets available at

My Gory Valentine Masquerade Ball by Edge of Insanity (Kokomo, IN) —Feb. 3rd, 7pm-11pm

A twisted spin on your typical Valentine's Day date. Come dressed to the nines for our costume contest and enjoy an evening of music and dancing. This event is all-ages, but please use discretion when bringing small children. Marriott East is accessible for individuals using mobility aids.

The above paragraph is all we know about the Masquerade Ball, that and the image below. This scarce information leads us to believe the folks in Kokomo are seriously disturbed. We really wish we could attend. 

Love Hurts by The Haunted Hospital (Lake Station, IN) — Feb. 9th & 10th, 7pm-10pm

Haunted Hills Hospital holds the most psychotic patients that were too evil for a regular mental facility. The Medical staff used the patients to perform crazy experiments that were supposedly meant to cure them. However, no one was ever helped and the patients were driven further into madness before being left to rot and die. But now the patients are in control! Travel through the hell and terror that has taken over the grounds of Hills Hospital. Will you make it out or will you become the newest patient?

Love Bites by Fear Fair (Seymour, IN) — Feb. 9th & 10th

Our dedicated AtmosFX researchers told us the only thing they could learn about Love Bites was this sentence: "Your favorite haunted house presents a new way to celebrate St. Valentine's Day." We sent a team of interns to investigate but they never came back. We are really hoping they fell in love and didn't fall into a deep, dark pit. We figure the odds are 50/50.

Mountain Mayhem (Whitesburg, KY) —Feb. 10th only. 7pm-9:30pm

The AtmosFX team took one look at the photos on Mountain Mayhem's Facebook page and well, Kentucky got knocked right off our list of romantic vacation spots. It would be irresponsible of us if we didn't recommend you do the same. At the very least we must ask you to promise you'll definitely, positively not go to Mountain Mayhem in Whitesburg (but if you do you have got to tell us all about it!).


My Bloody Valentines by The Darkness (St. Louis, MO)‚ Feb.17th only, 7pm-11pm

ONE NIGHT ONLY THE PERFECT DATE NIGHT FOR VALENTINES DAY! This Valentines Day get ready for the bloodiest date night ever. Grab your date and head down to The Darkness for a one of a kind experience. Be one of the first to experience a new and renovated Darkness. Prepare to hold your date TIGHT as we make you SCREAM like never before. Experience all-new Darkness Haunted House, Terror Visions 3D and play Zombie Laser Tag where you shoot and kill real zombies.

Vampire Masquerade Ball by Eagle Hollow Haunts (Lincoln, NE)— Feb. 17th, 8pm

TWO OPTIONS: For those of you looking for a romantic Valentine's Day date, we have our deluxe ticket that includes a fabulous 3 course meal, including a show: Live Circus provided by FreakWorks Entertainment and reserved booth seating for $50 per person. For those of you looking for an elegant themed night out with friends we have our general admission tickets for $15. With both tickets you’ll have access to the music and dancing portion of the evening, and we will have lots of vampire inspired vendor booths and activities for you and your blood sucking crew!

Dark Valentine- Blind Date by Brighton Asylum (Passaic, NJ) —Feb. 9th & 10th, 8pm-10pm

Come get your heart broken at Brighton Asylum’s “Dark Valentine: Blind Date”! Your date will have every excuse in the book to cling to you for dear life. Why? Its a full contact haunted house…in the dark!! Navigate Brighton Asylum with your friends, date, or loved one with only a small LED candle to light your way while monsters lurk in the dark just beyond your field of vision. Make this a Valentines Day you will never forget! 

Moxley Manor (Bedford, TX) — February 10th only, 7:30pm - 10pm

Are you looking for an alternate to celebrate the Valentine’s Day Holiday? Look no further, Moxley Manor Haunted House brings you our 8th annual Valentine’s Day Haunted Haunted House.

When we checked out the website for this event we were pleased to see how affordable the tickets are. However, when we kept digging we realized you'll probably have to pay for therapy afterwards so factor that in. 

Bloody Valentine by Creepy Hollow Haunted House (Rosharon, TX)—Feb. 9th & 10th

We know two things about Creepy Hollow: 1) everything is bigger in Texas and, 2) this place was voted "scariest in Texas." In summary: just don't. Take a look at the doll face in the poster below and tell us we're wrong.

Love is Blind by Dark Hour Haunted House (Plano, TX) —Feb, 9th, 10th, &14th

Dark Hour Haunted House is a haunted house in Plano, Texas. Dark Hour is DFW’s premier haunted attraction, conveniently located in Plano, Texas on Plano Parkway just off of Hwy 75 and the President George Bush Turnpike.  Sets worthy of a Broadway production, professional actors, as well as strategic use of technology produces a genuine theatrical experience in terror for Dark Hour visitors. 

My Bloody Valentine (Leesburg, VA) — Feb. 9th and 10th 7pm-10pm

Welcome to Shocktober’s My Bloody Valentine event inside Paxton Manor, Northern Virginia’s only REAL Haunted House. This is a terrifying twist to your typical Valentine’s date! Not everybody goes for chocolate, candy and roses for Valentine’s, The Carvers wear their hearts on their sleeves, dripping with blood. Doors open at 7pm and the last tickets are sold at 10pm on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th. This self-guided tour of Paxton Manor’s first two floors is not for the faint of heart and is PG-13 Scary Fun.

So that's our list. We hope this information has caused you to rethink your life-choices and to avoid what is almost assuredly some dark days in couples counseling. If we missed any Valentines events that wholesome, well-adjusted folks should avoid, add them to the comments below. 

The rest of us might like to read them too. 

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