Tennessee AtmosFAN’s Dino-Mite Halloween Display

When trick-or-treaters entered the Brentwood, Tennessee, home of Mark S., little did they know they would find themselves at the center of the earth. And there, a Tyrannosaurus-sized surprise awaits inside. Nevermind the candy!To bring his prehistoric vision to life, Mark transformed his foyer into a misty, primordial jungle using AtmosFX's Dinosaur Encounter Decoration Collection. By cleverly building AtmosFX Window Projection Material directly into the set and projecting from behind – a technique known as back-projection – Mark created a truly immersive experience.

“Our trick-or-treaters were fascinated with the dinosaurs,” Mark tells us. “Some asked, ‘Are we outside?’” That sense of wonder is exactly what he aimed to inspire with his creative use of Dinosaur Encounter and handmade design elements.

While Mark’s display wowed Halloween visitors, don’t forget that the Dinosaur Encounter can be adapted to a variety of celebrations year-round. It’s a perfect fit for dinosaur-themed birthday parties – or even International Dinosaur Day on June 1.

How have you used AtmosFX Decorations to decorate your home? Whether it’s for a birthday bash, a Jurassic-sized Halloween haunt, or International Dinosaur Day, we’d love to see your creativity in action! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form – not only will you earn points to use in the AtmosFX online store, but you may be crowned AtmosFAN of the Week and receive a free decoration collection!

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