Digital Fireworks, Indoors and Out

As much as we love to celebrate things that are frightening, there are some things we will not: Like bloody fingers and the stench of torched arm hair caused by a malfunctioning firework!

For that reason, we’ve put together a few ways you can celebrate Independence Day that are truly safe and sane. (We’ll save the safe and insane for Halloween.) With the Celebrations America Decoration, as well as the individual fireworks scene from Celebrations Party Time Decoration, not only can you celebrate the Fourth of July without the fear of personal injury or enraging the neighborhood dogs, but you’ll earn the admiration from neighbors and friends with your truly unique patriotic presentation.

Go Big With Your Display

We can’t think of anybody who doesn’t like an enormous fireworks display – and probably this year more than ever. So keep that in mind as you look places to project Celebrations America and Celebrations Party Time. Think of a building as a giant canvas. Can you project onto the side of your house or apartment building? Your garage door? Perhaps a barn?

They will all look great when you project directly onto them. And while fireworks are the marquee event on Independence Day, know that Celebrations America also has an individual decoration that features animated scenes on Ol’ Glory and other patriotic images. This will also look great on a wall, building or garage door – big or small.

Projecting outdoors on a large wall is a great way to set the mood at a July 4 picnic, backyard barbecue or as a way to keep the family entertained as they wait for the “real” municipal fireworks display. You can set either decoration to “loop” and your fireworks will last all evening, or you can mix them together when you build a playlist. Either way, the fireworks are sure to last as long as you want – or at least until someone unplugs the projector.

Many people don’t think of Hollusion effects when they think of fireworks displays, but that doesn't mean they two don’t work really well together. String your Hollusion Projection Material between two trees, on a clothesline, or from your rooftop. (Be careful!) As night falls, the material will disappear into the darkness. Then, simply project the fireworks individual scene onto this now-invisible screen, and you’ll have a digital fireworks display for all to see.

You can also use the grommets on your Hollusion Projection Material to link them together, providing an opportunity for an even larger, more spectacular fireworks display.

Using Fireworks Inside the House

This should go without saying: the only fireworks displays that can safely take place inside the house are AtmosFX digital fireworks. Is it raining on July 4th? Maybe you still wish to avoid crowded areas. Or perhaps some of your younger children can’t stay awake until the local fireworks display begins. Simply project Celebrations Party Time and Celebrations America on your walls or ceilings (or play on your TV), and you’ll have happy young revelers.

Of course, with the help of some Window Projection Material, you can also display both AtmosFX Decorations in your window. It is a great way to let everyone know that you are ready, once again, to celebrate America’s birthday in full force!

Or you can project them onto your ceiling like Lyle Coram did or project them on a clock like The Rose Table did for a theme party.

There are countless ways to use Celebrations Party Time and Celebrations America this Independence Day. As you’ll see, they might be digital fireworks, but the ooohs and aahhhs they evoke are very real.

How do you plan to use AtmosFX Decorations to celebrate Independence Day? Send us your photos and videos to using this easy submission form!

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