Creating "Hollusions"


4 min 27 sec

Learn how to use Hollusion Projection Material to create the illusion of characters that hover in mid-air in your doorway, archway or yard.

Get inspired by others

Two-Car Mirage

A swath of Hollusion Projection Material creates quite a vision in the carport.

Alarming Apparitions

Nova Halloween presents ghostly Hollusions and how they can enhance your Halloween.

Scary Street Scene

Phantasms appear on a city street thanks to Hollusion Projection Material.

Free Floating Fiends

Nova Halloween produces free floating poltergeists and wraiths with Hollusion material and Phantasms.

Featured Decorations that use Hollusion Mode

Santa's Sleigh Ride New

Santa's Sleigh Ride

Santa and his trusty reindeer make a magical trip delivering presents to children around the world.

$9.99 – $24.99
AtmosFX - Christmas Carolers

Christmas Carolers

Is there anything more heartwarming than the sound of approaching carolers on a crisp winter's evening? Christmas Carolers is the sound of the season – full of joy and spirit.

$5.99 – $39.99
Night Before Christmas - AtmosFX Digital Decorations 50% Off DVD/SD!

Night Before Christmas

Jolly St. Nick arrives on the most anticipated evening of the year. Experience a heartwarming night with a live-action Santa Claus.

$9.99 – $39.99
Santa's Workshop - AtmosFX Digital Decorations 50% Off DVD/SD!

Santa's Workshop

Capture the joyful magic of the holiday season as St. Nick and his industrious elves prepare for the biggest night of the year.

$9.99 – $39.99

Explore more display modes



Project onto a closed door or open doorway to create the illusion that someone – or something – is about to make a guest appearance.



Project onto an AtmosGEAR 3DFX Form and watch an otherwise lifeless body appear to come alive.



Captivate and entertain your family, friends and neighbors by displaying entertaining scenes in your windows.