AtmosFAN Father Creates Fairytale Bedroom

This week we return to Las Vegas, not because we need a shot of its typical warmth. We return again to the home of Lyle C., as we are so taken with his ingenious use of AtmosFX Decorations in his daughter’s bedroom.For those who missed it, we recently honored Lyle with AtmosFAN of the Week honors when he projected the snowy winter-scape from Winter Wonderland into his house. (You can see that here.) What he’s done in his daughter's bedroom is so inspiring, we just had to share it immediately.

For starters, Lyle painted the ceiling blue and added clouds for detail. For the stars, he used fiber optics that are pushed through the ceiling. He even added RGB L.E.D. strips to the crown moldings. Then came the fireworks, thanks to AtmosFX.

“I’ve been looking for a fireworks display that was always in-frame for a long time for my daughter’s room and the whole time AtmosFX had it in their Celebrations Party Time download.” Says Lyle, “I used it with an ultra-short throw projector on a shelf and the AtmosFX Media Player."


The effect is priceless and creates an absolutely magical experience for Lyle’s daughter. We love the unique and unexpected ways you put AtmosFX Decorations to use, Lyle!

We know there are plenty of great displays out there,  no matter what time of year. Show us how you decorate with AtmosFX Decorations and you could be our next AtmosFAN of the Week! Send photos and video using this simple online submission form!

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