A Window Display from a Different Perspective

For many of us in the northern hemisphere this time of year, the last thing we want is another chilly morning. But if you live in the middle of the Mojave Desert — Las Vegas, more specifically — you just might appreciate looking out your window to see a white blanket of snow.

For that reason, we honor Lyle Coram of, yes, Las Vegas. With the assistance of AtmosFX’s Winter Wonderland Decoration, he fundamentally changed the landscape – and weather – outside his living room window.

What we’re about to point out here is patently obvious, but we have to say it anyway: Lyle is projecting INTO his living room from the outside! Unlike most everyone who sets up a window projection display, Lyle is creating this effect for the enjoyment of his own family and guests, creating a snowy winter landscape for the Christmas season. (We love the Christmas tree, too!) These are the things you do, we assume, when you live somewhere that has almost 300 days of sunshine a year.

To create this effect, Lyle used a 9'-by-12' rear-projection screen frame with legs and placed it on the outside of his house. He used a Sanyo 6500-lumen short throw projector to create the effect.


Lyle doesn’t just do winter landscapes. He’s assembled some mind-blowing Halloween displays too, like this one here. And here is another lovely winter scene he’s created in a similar project-into-the-house style, which will make just about anyone want to curl up on the couch, grab some hot cocoa, and enjoy the winter season. (Especially if it is 80 degrees outside!)

Here’s to you, Lyle! This great effort earns you the title of AtmosFAN of the Week!

It is never too late to send us photos and videos of your displays – Halloween, Christmas or otherwise. It is easy – just use this simple online submission form. Keep the spirit going all year and inspire others – and maybe become the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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