Countless Halloween Party Ideas Crammed Into a One-Minute Video

Of the bazillions of reasons why we love Halloween, here's another: Not only do you get to celebrate on October 31, but you also get to celebrate on the days leading up to it. Of course, we're talking Halloween parties. And whether it is an office party or a full-blown costume event on the preceding weekends, we always love a quality Halloween celebration. With this in mind, we thought you’d be inspired by what AtmosFX SuperFAN Lyle Coram put together to celebrate his eight-year-old daughter’s Halloween-themed birthday party. 

Whether you are young or old, this 1:10-minute video has what seems to be an endless supply of Halloween party ideas. From our perspective, this is the perfect combination of lighting, physical props and AtmosFX Decorations. Some of his effects are subtle, while others are not. That means that no matter where his party guests go, inside or out, they'll be in for a visual treat ... and potentially a surprise or two.

Perhaps there is an advantage of living in sunny Las Vegas, but we've always loved how Lyle is willing to project his decorations from the outside into his house. This is a great way to dynamically set the mood for a party.

Inside, we love his presentation of the feuding family members from UnLiving Portraits on the living room wall. And we got a kick out of seeing one of AtmosFX’s oldest scenes, "Flames from Hell" (from Triple Thrill Pack) tucked away in the fireplace. In all, Lyle had nine AtmosFX Decorations going on at the party. Every time we re-watch the video, we find something new.

We are particularly fond of the pumpkin patch that Lyle built. It is a perfect combination of physical props and AtmosFX Decoration. In this case, Lyle used the "prop mode" technique to project Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree onto uncarved pumpkins. But, in twist, he used Optoma Projection Mapper to separate and duplicate the images, so that he could move them around into different positions and project on multiple pumpkins.

Who wouldn't want to go to a Halloween party that is so fabulously decorated like this? Of course, we shouldn't be surprised that it was Lyle and his family who cooked this up. If you have been following our AtmosFAN of the Week blogposts over the past several years, you will no doubt be familiar with his work – he's the genius behind the fairytale bedroom or his family's encounter with dinosaurs at his home.

Great stuff, Lyle, you celebrate in style! And we are grateful for the endless amounts of inspiration you provide for the rest of us!

With Halloween just around the corner, how are you celebrating The Big Day? Are you hosting a party at your home or office? Perhaps you are transforming your home into the largest haunted house in the neighborhood. No matter what you are doing, we want to share it with the rest of you! Send us your photos and videos through our easy AtmosFAN of the Week submission page and show us how you celebrate!

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