Dinosaurs Surround Las Vegas Home

For those of you who have been following our AtmosFAN posts over the years, you should be familiar with superfan Lyle Coram. He's put together many masterful displays that have garnered international attention in dozens of media outlets.

We were first struck by how he created the illusion of a white Christmas at his family home in Las Vegas. Then we were overjoyed with the fairytale fireworks display he created in his daughter's playroom. Next, Lyle created a great video with AtmosFX's newest Digital Decoration, Dinosaur Encounter. We posted it here, but he wasn't done. Publications around the world picked up his next video when he expanded his Jurassic display to surround the entire house.

As you can see, Lyle and his daughter are certainly having fun with their newly pre-historicized surroundings. Somebody get a gardener and Dr. Ian Malcolm!

"I used (3) 9x12 rear screens and (3) projectors all going at the same time and (3) media players," he says. "I’m a Stagehand I mostly do A/V setups at Paris/ Bally's hotel but I’ve worked on theatrical shows — mostly magic shows. I also build custom props for shows and magicians and of course Halloween!"

Lyle used three 9'-by-12' rear-projection screen frames outside of his windows, as well as three projectors placed outside of each window. Attached to each projector was a media player, which was running the Dinosaur Encounter digital decoration.

Given that Lyle specializes in audio/visual setups for theatrical and magic shows in a city known for its spectacular visual displays, we shouldn't be surprised that, once again, he nailed it. That said, as you can see from Lyle's setup photos, anyone can easily create a stunning effect!

Thanks for letting see how you make your magic, Lyle! We love it!

We love being inspired by the photos and videos of our incredible AtmosFANs – all year 'round. What have you created lately? Inspire others by sending us your photos or YouTube video links to community@atmosfx.com.

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