Inspired Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14, and if you’re like so many of us, this one kind of snuck up on us. Since when was Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, anyway? (Oh, right. Since Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation in 1914.) Well, we can survive this – we have a few days to get it right. And judging that this is for M-O-M, it is so important we do so! Below, we put together five ideas – some inexpensive, some less so – that can help you celebrate this important person in your life.

Re-Create Some Memories

From all places, the Coca-Cola Company suggests a clever – and free! – way to stroll down memory lane with mom and the rest of the family. Recreate those famous photos from your family history! We all have them — old photos that are legendary within the family. Re-stage these photos with a modern update – make sure to match the clothing, accessories – and people – that made the photo memorable. Mom will love the effort – and the photos too!

The Sweetest Bouquet

Mom will always love flowers, and we’ll never tell you not to get them for her. But if you want to mix it up a little bit, and show a little creativity in the process, consider creating an edible bouquet. No matter where you live, you’ll find fruits in the grocery that can be crafted into a clever bouquet. Instructables has a step-by-step guide on how to make a great bouquet – even at the last minute. Mom will love the effort – and the flavors, too!

Let Everyone Know Your Love for Mom

When praising mom, it never hurts to make sure everyone else also knows you are doing so. AtmosFX makes that easy. Using the Celebrations Party Time Digital Decoration, you can broadcast on your front window (elsewhere, too!) fireworks, balloons, and other displays that showcase your love for this important woman in your life. And the digital decoration isn’t limited to May 14th – it can be used for special occasions year round.

Spa-like Sensations on the Cheap

Endless praise and glory from family members can be taxing, even on Mother’s Day, tough as mom is. At some point, she’ll need a little quiet time. Some of the “Tub Teas” posted on the Numi website are the perfect antidote to all that Mother’s Day hoopla. Tub Teas are just another way to describe bath salts loaded with teas, herbs and other scents that can make those few quiet moments in the bathtub so marvelous. You can make them yourself, something that will always impress!

Praise Mom, Year After Year

Finally, something that is certainly not last-minute – but definitely cool. Uncommon Goods provides a great way to give mom a bound book of New York Times front pages from every day since her birth. (They do Washington Post and Los Angeles Times covers, too.) It is a great way to honor mom and page through history at the same time.

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