It’s Halfway to Halloween – Let’s Get Started!

What are you thinking about creating for the upcoming Halloween season? Now’s the time to start the planning. A ghost pirate ship? A 60-foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Perhaps a rogues’ gallery of Scooby Doo villains? Whatever it is, with six months to go, you’ve got time to build it.

To kickstart your inspiration, AtmosFX has launched its yearly Halfway to Halloween Sale – celebrating that, on May 1, we are officially rolling downhill towards Halloween. As part of the sale, ALL Halloween-themed digital decorations are 25% OFF through May 9, 2022.

If that weren’t kickstarty enough, we thought we’d show off a few tremendous Halloween builds that are guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. And remember, there are a lot more where those came from at the AtmosFX Hall of Fame!

Detailed Woodwork Sets the Stage

Read all about Dan Magee’s display at the AtmosFX Hall of Fame.

We’ve always loved the work of Dan Magee, who has been creating these intricate plywood silhouettes at his Wake Forest, N.C., home for years. Clearly, the detail is the star here, but we also love how he subtly introduces AtmosFX’s Halloween Moon Decoration in a captivating way.

Prop Mirrors Always Amaze

Read all about Dave Trammell’s display at the AtmosFX Hall of Fame.

There’s few things better than a captivating prop that draws in viewers to get a closer look, asking themselves ‘how’d they do that’? That’s what Dave Trammell built – a clever false mirror that displays the strange specters of Macabre Manor Decoration – at his South Jordan, Utah, home.

Re-create Hogwarts Great Hall

Read all about Matt Howard’s display at the AtmosFX Hall of Fame.

We always love decorators who stick to a single theme. And what better than Harry Potter? That’s what Matt Howard and family did at their San Jose, Calif., home, creating a splendid Hogwarts Great Hall using AtmosFX’s Halloween Window Decoration.


Halloween is only six months away – what are you working on?! Whatever it is, we want to see it … and share it with the countless Halloween decorators around the world! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form!

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