Announcing 2016's First AtmosFAN of the Week

What do you get when you cross a bit of cash and a burst of weekend energy? You get our new AtmosFAN of the Week winner, Ingo Heydkamp from Germany. He spent a few days putting together an awesome display using our UnLiving Portraits digital decoration.

Ingo saw our UnLiving Portraits digital decorations on YouTube and just had to have them for the entryway in his home. He actually built a false wall over his existing wall just so he could put them up. It’s that kind of dedication (and willingness to remodel your home) that makes a true AtmosFAN!

After Ingo and his friend Dennis completed the wall, they built the black wooden frames from scratch and attached them to the wall with magnets so they could be changed out when needed.

Here are some photos of Ingo hard at work on the wall, which required some creative wiring as well as carpentry skills.

Back breaking work.

Back breaking work.

Coming along nicely...

Hello, ladies.

The finished project, complete with spooky lighting.

Here’s his video of our adorable little backstabber (literally!) doing what she does best.

Ingo has been busy making other cool videos using his wall set-up too. You can check those out on his YouTube channel.

We think it looks fantastic, but according to Ingo, not everyone is a huge fan. “My girlfriend really doesn't like the portraits since they frighten her...even when they are just staring at her and do nothing else in that moment.”

Ingo’s great imagination and creative use of UnLiving Portraits has earned him the title AtmosFAN of the Week and gotten him a $9.99 digital download of his choice. Great work, Ingo!

Do you have what it takes to be our next AtmosFAN of the Week? If you’ve used our digital decorations and want to show us what you got, send your photos or video links to and you could be our featured decorator!

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