Two Spellbinding Entryways from two AtmosFANs

First impressions are important – at least, so the saying goes. This week we have two AtmosFANs who are fully living up to that old adage. David Sloan and Anj Snow have gone to great lengths to dress-up the entryways of their home – creating first impression that is absolutely spellbinding.

We’ll start with David Sloan of Katy, Texas.

As you can see, David has put together a terrific fortune-telling display in the entry of his home. What you cannot see, however, is the clever way he made Madame Zolta from Halloween Hosts Digital Decoration Collection appear in the crystal ball.

David took his Kodak Luma 150 projector and hid it in one of the fake books on the table. As for the crystal ball, that’s a purchase from a nearby craft store – David spray-painted glass frosting on one side of the ball to capture the rear-projected image from the projector.

Needless to say, the setup looks fantastic. And the neighbors agree: “They all want a reading from Madame Zolta,” David tells us.

Next up: Anj Snow from Herriman, Utah.

Anj Snow loves Witching Hour Digital Decoration Collection. So much so, she did something extraordinary. “I built a witch shack just to properly display Witching Hour,” she tells us. “It’s a full witch shack facade that attaches to the front of my house.”

Beautiful in color and reveling in a playful aesthetic, Anj says people tell her it reminds them of Disneyland. Clearly, it reminds the neighborhood kids of that, too. “I have 4-7 year olds at my house nightly for hours on end,” she says.

Seems like Anj is onto something. She says she’ll be adding to her incredible Witch Corner in future years. We cannot wait to see what she does!

Halloween is coming soon! How are you decorating for it? Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form! Not only will you inspire others around the world, but you might just be named AtmosFAN of the Week and earn yourself a free digital decoration collection!

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