Belgium Bubbles with Excitement Over AtmosFAN’s Giant Snow Globe

When it comes to holiday decorating, some AtmosFANs really know how to make a splash. That is especially true for Steven C., who has reimagined the holiday snow globe with a massive two-meter in diameter creation. No joke – his home of Lier, Belgium, bubbled with excitement over this dynamic Christmas decoration!
Steven’s ingenious setup combines an inflatable jacuzzi base with a giant “human hamster ball” – called a Zorb – set in its base. Then, he sprayed half of the clear plastic sphere with frosty window spray to create a projection surface. Using the Enchanted Snowman Decoration Collection in “snow globe mode,” Steven then back-projected the festive scene onto the frosted portion of the sphere.

The result is truly magical. The giant sphere becomes a charming winter scene with a jolly snowman wearing a top hat and red scarf, juggling snowballs during a gentle snowfall. The projection’s vibrant colors pop against the dark night sky, while twinkling string lights draped above add to the atmospherics. Blue lights illuminate the base, completing the snow globe effect.

“People went nuts,” says Steven. “My selfmade two-meter diameter snowglobe even got a spot on local news and the national newspaper. Cars were continuously stopping, taking pictures, asking questions.”

The popularity of Steven’s creation has even led to some unexpected opportunities. “My globe was rented for an annual light (show),” Steven says. “Even there, they went nuts.”

While Steven used the Enchanted Snowman Decoration Collection, other AtmosFX Decorations can also dazzle in snow globe mode, including Gingerbread Lane Decoration Collection, Santa and His Elves Decoration Collection, and Christmas Carolers Decoration Collection.

Have you created an eye-catching holiday display? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form. You could be featured as our next AtmosFAN of the Week and earn points for the AtmosFX online store. Winners even receive a free decoration collection of their choice!

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