AtmosFAN’s Fiery Halloween Display Lights Up the Night

Given that it is Halfway to Halloween, we thought it appropriate to bring you a Halloween decoration display that decidedly does not go halfway. With a clever combination of AtmosFX Decorations and props, Jessica R. has transformed her South River, New Jersey, home into a fiery Halloween spectacle that’s not to be missed.We’ll start with the not-so-obvious: that not a real fire. But her stunning use of the Inferno Decoration Collection does a great job of getting your attention – as well as everyone else who is passing by – and setting the stage for her entire decoration display.

“We had families come by not once, not twice, but three times and they’d bring more friends and family with them each time just to see our decorations,” Jessica tells us. It makes us wonder if they also considered bringing a fire extinguisher!

It isn’t just Inferno. We love how Jessica has used the entire upper facade of her house to create a large canvas to create some excitement. Beyond the fire, the menacing figure looming over everything is the Pumpkin King from the Legends of Halloween Decoration Collection. And when the creepster from Paranormal Passage Decoration Collection appears to rip a hole in the house, you know that everyone around the neighborhood will be paying attention.

Those big-time displays, of course, draw people in for all the other good stuff that Jessica has placed throughout her home and yard. “We had somewhere between 500 to 1,000 people stop by to see the decorations and take some Halloween candy,” Jessica says. “One lady told us that our house reminded her of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction.”

You can see why – there’s great stuff to see everywhere. For instance, as you approach the house, you’re greeted by a trio of ghostly figures projected onto three 3DFX Forms using the Boo Crew Decoration Collection.Elsewhere, she has set up some terrific window displays (with also Paranormal Passage in the window) and, lurking in a dark corner, is a Hollusion mode display with the Twisted Twins from Ghostly Apparitions 3 Decoration Collection. We always love when Hollusion effects are tucked away in places that are not immediately discovered – they always seem creepier that way.

Great stuff, Jessica! We can see why your home placed first in your city’s recreational Halloween decorating contest – for the third year in a row! From the moment we laid eyes on your house, we were transported to a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur – and the spirit of Halloween comes alive!

Have you created a Halloween display that you’re particularly proud of? We’d love to see it! Submit your photos and videos using this simple online submission form, and you might be featured as the next AtmosFAN of the Week. Not only will you have the chance to inspire fellow Halloween decorators around the globe, but you’ll also earn points that can be redeemed for rewards at AtmosFX online store!

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