Mesmerizing Methods to Make Ghosts Materialize

Everyone knows film fans love a good sequel – and so do Halloween digital decorators. For years, fans have requested we bring back the deadly fun scared up in Ghostly Apparitions. In response, we happily present the frightfully entertaining sequel – Ghostly Apparitions 2. It’s even more vibrant and versatile than its predecessor.

But how best to conjure up these menacing ghosts? There are countless easy and quick ways to summon these specters – without the time-consuming hassle of organizing a seance. (We never know what to wear!) Below are just a few of the many clever ways to deploy Ghostly Apparitions 2.


It takes only minutes to convince your neighbors that your home is infested with ghosts – digitally decorate your windows. Window decorations are an easy and fun way to create an illusion of an otherworldly visitor inside your own home. Vertical and horizontal decorations are available for windows of almost any shape or size. We've also included the option for a background featuring a decrepit manor, which makes it appear as though you haven’t tidied-up for a few decades. There is also a blank background that enhances the fear of the unknown creeping in the dark. Window decorations really 'wow' trick-or-treaters and neighbors – assuming you haven’t scared the pants off them first.


It is probably the case that Ghostly Apparitions’ incredible success as a digital decoration had a lot to do with how well it worked with Hollusion Projection Material. After all, if you can make it appear as though ghosts are appearing and disappearing into thin air, you’re sure to make a few jaws drop. The creepy characters of Ghostly Apparitions 2 will also work phantom-tastically well with Hollusion Projection Material no matter where you set it up – in hallways, doorways, porches, yards, and even windows.


The easiest way to deploy Ghostly Apparitions 2 is utilizing wall mode. That’s just another way of projecting digital decorations onto walls, ceilings, floors – anything! Inside, wall mode is a great option when you are throwing a party – the ghosts are as captivating as they are easy to set up. Another fun way to decorate is to project the ghosts onto a wall that can be seen from outside your home (via a window) – it is another way to give the impression to trick-or-treaters and neighbors that you have a visitor creeping inside. Wall mode also works great on garage doors or the side of your house – the bigger the better!


Our doorway videos are great for creating a surprise – especially during a Halloween party. One of the best things about projecting a ghost into a doorway? It ensures that no one will go poking around where you don't want them! Doorway decorating works great with Hollusion Projection Material, or if you have a glass door you can apply some Premium Window Projection Material XL and project directly onto it. With one of the three ghosts from Ghostly Apparitions 2 standing by at your door, just think about how you’ll save on your Halloween candy purchases this year!


Any TV can be instantly transformed with our TV mode decorations. Your TV or computer screen can be a great prop for indoor decorating – something that is often underutilized, especially at parties. Or if you don’t own a projector, your flat-screen TV can serve as a replacement...especially for window decoration displays. Just plug in your decorations via a video streaming device, a laptop, or a media player and you're all set to display your decorations all night long. Don’t forget to drape a dark material (provided it is is somewhat see-through) over the TV – it’ll help disguise the edges of the TV and make it creepier!

Mini-Haunted Houses

Halloween villages are getting bigger each year (though they are still the same small size) and using a pico projector to add a level of spookiness to them (like Justin Delacuetara did) is one way to take yours to the next level!

Or, if you have a dollhouse handy, you can haunt it by playing Ghostly Apparitions 2 on a cell phone (as Sue Williams did) or project onto small pieces of projection material like we've done at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival.


Send us pictures and videos of your decorations and we'll share our favorites with our decorating community. You might even win a spot in our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame! To share your decorating skills, click here to fill out the handy AtmosFAN Submission Form.

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