AtmosFAN’s ‘Haunted Sanctuary’ Sizzles

With Independence Day now behind us, there is nothing to distract us from diving headlong into Halloween decorating. July is, after all, the official start of the Halloween season. (That’s our opinion, at least.)

To celebrate the start of the best time of the year, we bring you the “Haunted Sanctuary,” a masterful projection-mapping display from Sabour Amirazodi, of Yorba Linda, Calif.

To be sure, Sabour’s presentation is much more than just a projection-mapping display. There is so much to see here – the gravestones, the skeletons, the jack-o’-lanterns. There is great visual interest in every corner of the home.

As pleasing as that is, it is Sabour’s projection mapping display that really brings it to the elite level.

What is projection mapping? For the uninitiated, projection mapping is the technique of projecting onto something other than a flat, white screen to create a three-dimensional effect. Using software – some free, some for purchase – you can create multiple effects on one large, unusual “canvas,” like the entire facade of Sabour's house. (Click here to read Projection Mapping 101.)

As you can see here, Sabour has mixed a bunch of AtmosFX Digital Decorations together for an extraordinary projection mapping display. We see Phantasms, Halloween Moon, Ghostly Apparitions 3 digital decorations – just to name a few. And, of course, we can’t not also comment on the Sand Worm from the Tim Burton’s 1988 film “Beetlejuice” – Sabour created that himself, and we think it looks great!

Well, in our humble opinion, Sabour, you have already assembled a big display that is decidedly fun. But we always approve when an AtmosFAN wants to go even bigger. We cannot wait to see what you can do this October!


The Halloween season is officially here – how are you preparing for the upcoming holiday? We know there are countless digital decorators out there that are ready to be inspired by your creations. Send us your photos and videos using this simple submission form!

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