Getting Down with Creepy Clowns

Across the culture of haunting and horror-lovers, there’s no doubt that this is the Year of the Clown. Actually, if you ask horror-lovers, they’d say it is always the Year of the Clown. At AtmosFX, we’ve been hearing requests to create a clown decoration for years, and in 2019 we – finally! – were able to spread the joy (and terror) with the long-awaited Creepy Clowns Decoration.

Gavin Gill, of Radford Semele, Warwickshire, U.K., put a small projector and Window Projection Matieral in a children’s playhouse so that it would look as though it was inhabited by a mischievous clown. Read all about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

Just like the old scarf gag, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve. That’s why we've packed Creepy Clowns with lots of display options — here’s just a few ideas to get you started.

Weirdos in the Window

Window projections are an easy and fun way to create an illusion of the big top inside your own home. Vertical and horizontal are available for windows of almost any shape or size. We’ve also included the option for a circus tent background, for some carnival ambience, or a blank background that enhances the fear of the unknown creeping in the dark. Window decorations really ‘wow’ trick-or-treaters and neighbors.

Hide and Seek with Hollusions

Decorate any space with our Hollusion Projection Material to take the illusion to a new level. Your clowns will appear out of thin air to shock your guests, and then fall back into the eerie shadows. You can set up Hollusion Mode decorations in hallways, doorways, porches, yards, and even windows — the blank background option for windows is also perfect for Hollusions.

Invite These Clowns Inside

Don’t be afraid to invite the Creepy Clowns inside. Wall Mode displays allow you to bring the carnival indoors, and invite some new guests into your home. It’s a great option when you are throwing a party. Another fun way to decorate is to project the clowns onto a wall that can be seen from outside your home (via a window). This will give the impression to trick-or-treaters and neighbors that you have a visitor creeping inside. Wall mode also works great on garage doors and other outdoor surfaces.

Who’s at the Door?

AtmosFX decorations presented in Doorway Mode are a great surprise for any maze-style haunt, or Halloween party. Projecting any of the three creepy clowns into a doorway ensures that no-one will go poking around where you don't want them. Doorway decorating works great with Hollusion Projection Material, or if you have a glass door you can apply Window Projection Material onto it for a seamless, realistic experience. 

Clowns on the Small Screen

Any TV, computer monitor or tablet can also be instantly transformed into a carnival-house of horrors with our TV mode decorations. Just plug in your decorations via a video streaming device, a laptop, or even our Sprite Motion Sensor Media Player, and you’re all set to display your decorations all night long.

Suspended / Rooftop Hollusions

Hanging Hollusion projection material outdoors allows you to put decorations in places where people will least expect them. This ambitious technique garners high visibility and earns stunning results!

To pull off a great Hollusion, you'll always want to make sure your Hollusion Projection Material is pulled tight. That's why every piece includes convenient grommets along the edges to attach the material with hooks, wires, string, etc. Find some nearby structures to attach your rope or wire to hang the material. If you need to climb onto a high spot, always have a buddy for safety.

The carnival only comes to town once a year, so be sure to make some memories. Send us photos and videos of your clowning around and we’ll share our favorites with our decorating community. You might even win a spot in our AtmosFAN Hall of Fame! To share your decorating skills, click here to fill out the handy AtmosFAN submission form.

How do others ‘Creepy Clowns’ in their decoration displays? Check it out here!

André Meyer  of Lübeck, Bundesland, Germany, creates a Hollusion projection featuring Creepy Clowns Decoration Collection above his front door – the beam of light from the projector perfectly hidden. Read all about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
Scott Jeppsen turned his Meridian, Idaho, home into a full-blown three-ring circus using Creepy Clowns Decoration. Read about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame

Check out how these and other AtmosFANs have used Creepy Clowns Decoration Collection – as well as many other decorations – in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame


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