AtmosFAN’s Big Top is Big Time

Sure, Thanksgiving is only a week away, and Christmas is right on its heels. But with countless amazing Halloween video submissions from our AtmosFANs still gloriously jamming our inbox, we're diving back in. Consider it a pre-Thanksgiving feast.

This video, sent to us by Scott Jeppsen is decidedly a feast – for the eyes.

As many of you know, one of the most frequent comments we have received over the years was a request for a digital decoration of ornery clowns. This year we responded with Creepy Clowns Digital Decoration. And when we saw how Scott decorated his Meridian, Idaho, home this past Halloween, we … just … knew. THIS!

In our opinion, this is exactly how an evil clown Halloween display should look.There are lights! There are animatronic clowns! There are more lights! There are balloons! There are more lights!

Circuses have always been about overloading the senses, and Scott has put together a display that does just that – to eleven. And even as the design is purposefully disorienting and maximalist, you can't help but love all the small, subtle touches he mixes in. The mini-clown ferris wheel is particularly great, as is the ticket booth with its overly-aggressive ticket taker. It is fun to keep going through Jeff's video to find more-and-more clever detail in every corner.

In fact, lurking in those corners, you can see all three of AtmosFX's Creepy Clowns – Terrifier, Jester and Creepster. And speaking of that, don't miss the end of the video. Jeff opens the front door of his house, revealing what appears to be a calm and quiet interior. And then, out of thin air, Jester rides her tricycle right at you. It's a great Hollusion Mode projection effect!

Jeff says he has been planning this display for months, and it took him about a week to set it up. The detail is evident. He says the neighbors say is the best Halloween set-up you they have ever seen. And we can see why! Great work, Jeff!

No matter what holiday you are decorating for – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anything – we want to see how you do it! Send us your photos and videos using the easy AtmosFAN of the Week Submission Form! We’ve got many, many more great ideas to share!

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