Who Let the Gargoyles Out? AtmosFANs!

We’re like proud parents. We love seeing our monstrous little creatures running amok in the wild, spooking neighbors and luring trick-or-treaters from other houses to our own Halloween display. This week we honor three AtmosFANs who wasted no time to use last week’s release, Legends of Halloween: Gargoyle Decoration Collection, to great effect!

This Hollusion is on Fire 

We’re huge fans of the Facebook AtmosFX Decorating Community, and when checking out Ryan M.’s Hollusion mode display of the Gargoyle, it is easy to see why. Like so many people in this user’s group, he’s incredibly helpful when it comes to offering advice when it comes to creating cool displays – and that is certainly the case here!

The Gargoyle and the Gravestone

When the Gargoyle isn’t resting atop a stone cathedral, it seems just right that it’d be perching atop a gravestone. That’s what Patrick C. of Nesconset, New York, thought too! He took a styrofoam gravestone and wrapped the top half with Hollusion Projection Material, on which he projected the newly released decoration. (We like the tea lights, too!)

Projection Mapping Perfection 

Another great display from the Facebook AtmosFX Decorating CommunityTricia T. mixes the Gargoyle into an captivating projection mapping display. Using a high-powered projector, projection-mapping software (and a little time), you can turn your house into something the neighborhood has never seen!

How are you using AtmosFX’s most recent decorations? Send photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form and you’ll earn rewards for use in the AtmosFX online store. And if yours is selected to be the next AtmosFAN of the Week, you’ll receive a complete decoration collection.

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