AtmosFAN Creates a Feast for the Senses

We know it is hard to imagine, but there is one thing we love about the days after Halloween. It is the sheer volume of photos and videos we receive from the incredibly creative AtmosFANs from around the world who have been celebrating Halloween in supremely unique ways. It’s like having leftovers for weeks on end – except that it is not fattening and it doesn’t get boring like leftover turkey.

So, to start this feast, we head to a place that is known for them: France. The first of many incredible 2019 Halloween displays comes from Andresy, France, where Jocelyn Van Temsche created a haunted manor that seamlessly blends the creepiness both inside and out.

Like so many places outside the United States, Halloween is not universally celebrated – although participation seems to be growing each year. But for those outside the U.S. who do celebrate, like Jocelyn, they go all in.

We love how Jocelyn has overloaded the exterior in a monochromatic light – the gravestones and other props are bathed deep blue. It certainly makes approaching her home a foreboding experience – and the use of Phantasms Digital Decoration in the window certainly adds to that sensation.

But the real feast happens once you get inside. As you can see from the video, Jocelyn succeed in immerseing her Halloween guests in a luscious dark interior where, at every turn, phantoms rule the roost. According to Jocelyn, her evening guests said the night was “was truly a dinner in a haunted manor.”

One of these reasons is so effective is Jocelyn’s large-scale use of the “Family Unit 2” individual decoration from Macabre Manor. By displaying this in front of her home’s great window, it adds a disorienting level of depth to the room. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge a sighting of the “Slender Specter” from one of our newest digital decorations, Ghostly Apparitions 2.

We love what you have done, Jocelyn – your Halloween display is a feast for the senses!

We're going to keep handing out AtmosFAN of the Week honors as long as they keep rolling in! And – good news! – we’ve only begun the process of viewing them! So, if you have yet to send us your photos or videos, make sure to do so here! With any luck, we’ll continue to highlight your creative displays all the way to next Halloween!

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