Our Next Decoration? You Can’t Look Away!

First, we launched Paranormal Passage, then Boo Crew but, last week, when we teased that AtmosFX always adheres to the “The Rule of Threes,” you knew a third thing was coming.

What final mystery would be unveiled next for the 2017 Halloween season? Oh yes, something unmistakably associated with the number three:


Well, when AtmosFX does ’em, they come in any number of creepy combinations. Singles. Pairs. Trios. Too many to count!

Get ready for Eerie Eyes – the next Halloween-themed digital decoration collection coming September 15 to the AtmosFX Online Store. Under the ominous gaze of some very observant eyes, this digital decoration collection hints that there’s always someone watching us – or some...thing? Eerie Eyes is a subtly disquieting decoration that features numerous varieties of eyeball types – no matter how hard you try, you can’t look away!

Perfect for nearly any display mode, Eerie Eyes will leer from windows, float as a Hollusion, gaze from your TV, or loom large on any wall, ceiling or garage door. But, exactly what is watching us?

Find out September 15 when the complete digital decoration collection of Eerie Eyes will be available as a digital download for $19.99. Individual digital decorations from the collection will retail from between $5.99 and $9.99.

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