Great Ways to Decorate with ‘Santa and his Elves’

For most of us, once we settle into a grand chair, nothing gets done – except maybe a nap! But for Santa Claus, it’s another story. He doesn’t have that luxury – he and his elves are hard at work preparing for their busiest night of the season!

All this action is captured in AtmosFX’s newest Christmas-themed decoration, Santa and his Elves. With letters to read, toys to check and hot cocoa to sip, ol’ St. Nick and his merry elves put on the finishing touches for a truly magical Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and for Santa Claus, the busiest, too!

But just because Santa Claus is working long hours preparing for Christmas doesn’t mean you have to. Especially when it comes to decorating for the holiday. Like all AtmosFX Decorations, Santa and his Elves Decoration is easy to set up and is mess-free. And best of all, this jolly display fits perfectly with the rest of your holiday decorations!

How best to use Santa and his Elves Decoration? We have some great ideas for you.

Peer Into Santa’s Study

The long-running single-scene decoration is practically made for your front window – whether it is mixed among other AtmosFX Christmas-themed decorations, or used by itself. Simply place AtmosFX Window Projection Material in a window facing the street – the larger the better – and project directly onto it. From the outside, visitors and passersby will believe that they are peering into the window of Santa’s study, where he is hard at work preparing for his midnight journey.

This display looks great on its own, or as a lively addition to an already established Christmas display. Especially for those who have created a North Pole village or similar display, Santa and his Elves Decoration is the perfect complement.

Walls Work Well

Another great way to display Santa and his Elves is by doing so on any wall. Indoors or out, it doesn’t matter – just wherever it looks best! If you have a lot of Christmas-themed inflatables or animatronics, you’ll create greater interest and depth by projecting onto a surface directly behind it. Just make sure you place the projector up high, so that nothing casts a shadow onto the projection!

Indoors, pick any wall that is relatively uncluttered. That might be the room where the kids play, or perhaps near the Christmas tree. Anywhere! Put Santa and his Elves on loop and everyone will be entertained as ol’ St. Nick gets ready for Christmas.

Santa in the Round

Santa and his Elves is optimized for the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL – a large portable projection screen that can easily placed anywhere. Many people like to place the disc in their window and project onto it – creating a joyful mood without having to cover the entire window. Others like to hang it from a railing or tree branch, almost like a Christmas tree ornament.

People also like to create a “snowglobe” for their yard displays, and the Santa and his Elves display mode optimized for the decorating disc is perfect for that. (You don’t even need to own a Decorating Disc XL.) Simply place a ball – many people use exercise balls or light-colored beach balls – onto a pedestal and project onto it. It will look like you have created a large snow globe with Santa at its center.

Oh! And don’t forget that you can create a similar effect with a AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL, too – just prop the disc on its side and create a makeshift pedestal. Or wrap some garlands around the edge of the disc to mimic a wreath. Then project Santa and his Elves onto the disc – it will be the highlight of the neighborhood.

Screen Time with St. Nick

Don’t overlook your television, computer monitor or tablets when it comes to displaying Santa and his Elves. It is a great passive decoration when the TV is not in use. Or, for a less passive use, display it where the children gather and play – it will keep them occupied for hours!

For those who have Christmas Village displays in their home, another great use for Santa and his Elves is to copy it to a tablet or unused smartphone and place that screen in the window of a building in your Christmas Village. It will add some unexpected dynamism to the village – after all, who would have expected to see a miniature Santa in there, making his list and checking it twice?!

How will you use Santa and his Elves in your Christmas display? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple submission form!

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