More AtmosFEARfx Sightings

As folks are winding down from Halloween and starting to sort through all of their holiday pictures and footage, we're seeing our effects popping up all over the place.

Check out this newest batch of videos that shows how people used our decorations!

Cool Yard Haunt and Window Projections

Home haunter hbursk posted these videos, which show how he used Zombie Invasion! and Tricks and Treats. Here's what he had to say about Zombie Invasion!::

"For Zombies, I projected from my Mac laptop onto a Rite Aid bloody shower curtain. I used VLC software for the playback and made a pressure mat switch out of two sheets of aluminum foil, cardboard and duct tape. That was connected to a Makey Makey from Sparkfun, set to send the enter key to the computer when triggered."

And here's what he had to say about Tricks and Treats:

"This is a DVD from Atmosfearfx projecting against the curtains in my main window. It's a very family friendly DVD, but people still found it to be pretty creepy. Cars would stop in the road to watch it. Almost ran out of candy!"


Outdoor House Projection

It's generally way too rainy here in Seattle to even attempt outdoor projections, which is why we think this video from Tennessee fan Kathy is fantastic! Check it out to see how she displayed gigantic silhouettes from Tricks and Treats right on the side of her house.

Seattle Window Display

Trevor from Seattle passed us this fun video, which shows Tricks and Treats in action in one of his front windows.

Zombie House Invasion

Here's a great video from SteelBreezeSurfer, where he shows off Zombie Invasion! being used in his front window.

Thanks for the videos, everyone! Keep 'em coming!

Remember: If you’re using any of our decorations in your home, office or haunt, we’d love to see what you did with them! Send your pictures or links to your videos to us at and we’ll show them off to other Halloween fans here and on our Facebook page.

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