This Texas AtmosFAN Shares the Spooky

This year has already seen a really impressive batch of AtmosFAN of the Week™ winners, and we’re keeping it going with Jeff Fogarty from Roanoke, Texas. Jeff used quite a few of our digital decorations® such as Ghostly Apparitions, Bone Chillers, Night Stalkers, and Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree, which he pieced together in a series of looping videos that kept curious onlookers guessing about what would come next.

And boy, was there a crowd. Jeff’s neighborhood gets about 250 kids coming through on Halloween, so not only did he need to stock up on candy, but he also needed to make sure his house stood out on his block. After all, his home has become known throughout the years as “The Halloween House”, so Jeff had a lot of creative expectations to live up to. Here's what he came up with for this year.

Everyone seems to love something different about Jeff’s displays. “Most of the kids scream at the ghosts in the window. Some get a kick out of the pumpkins and can't figure out how they are talking. The adults LOVE the scary silhouettes in the upper windows.” The compliments for Jeff’s work are abundant, with one person even suggesting that he work for Disney.

Jeff is always happy to dish out expert technical advice to those with questions, and he’s even willing to indulge people on days other than Halloween. “A neighborhood mom came by a few days before Halloween and told me that her daughter was having a sleepover with friends.They all wanted to see the ghosts in my window, so the mom rang my doorbell and asked if I could turn my display on for them (which I was more than happy to do). They got such a kick out of it. Isn't that what decorating is all about?”

Jeff says he couldn’t have done it without the support of his roommate, neighbors, and friends, all of whom were happy to put up with all of the noisy experimentation coming from his mean laboratory. We know that mad creative geniuses always make at least SOME kind of racket.

It seems like Jeff really knows what the Halloween spirit is all about, and because of that he earned a $9.99 download and the coveted title of AtmosFAN of the Week. Congratulations, Jeff! Keep up the great work!

Think you have what it takes to be the next AtmosFAN of the Week? Show us how you’re using our digital decorations and YOU may be our next featured decorator! Send your photos or YouTube links to, and make sure to put "AtmosFAN of the Week" in the subject line.

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