Freak of the Week

Big Fun in a Small Package

Sometimes you don’t have to go big to build something spectacular. We think David Werner’s display is a fantastic example of that – enough to make him this week’s

Longtime Decorator Delivers this Christmas

After a long post-Thanksgiving nap, The Freak of the Week has awoke – buried waist-deep in a flurry of submissions, not unlike the first...

A Look Back at Halloween (13 Times)

OK. We’ve taken a deep breath, and have caught up on our sleep. Halloween, for us, was soooooo good – and we hope it was for you, too.

Since Halloween we’ve...

Many Freaks Enter, One Freak Wins!

With The Big Night fast approaching, the Freak of the Week submissions are coming in faster than Rodan can sack Kyushu. And please remember that we will still be honoring...

Newest Freak Masters the Effortless Setup

This week our Freak of the Week comes from Knoxville, Tennessee. Don Workman discovered AtmosFX just this summer, but in an incredibly short time, his display is something of a...

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