Super Setups for Sinister Shadows

While all AtmosFX digital decorations can be easily set up on windows, walls, Hollusion material, and other media; the mad artists we keep locked in the garret love to give us some ideas tailored to each release. For Sinister Shadows, they have five creative suggestions for extra special displays. 

1. Frosted Glass

There is something particularly creepy about being able to see only part of what is going on. It creates doubt and fear about the unseen portion of an event. Sinister Shadows plays off this psychology but you can push the effect even further by creating your display against a frosted window. Don't have frosted glass at home? No worries! Any AtmosFX window projection material will create the effect but the Premium Window Projection Material (which clings directly on the glass by static) is particularly effective. Use almost any display mode for this effect: window or wall (the difference is the background color) and you can also choose from standard or fog versions (fog pictured below). 

2. Gravestone Props

Some of our AtmosFans have produced amazing prop displays where a monitor or tablet displayed digital decorations from inside a tombstone or haunted book. However, Sinister Shadows also provides a really cool opportunity to project onto a tomb or mausoleum.

One of the decorations that works well for this is "Rising Corpses." Whether you just want one hand breaking through the surface, a bunch of wriggling fingers, or a zombie hauling itself up from the grave, you can create a variety of effects.

3. Against Sheer Curtains

Shadow and silhouette decorations like Sinister Shadows, look particularly scary against sheer curtains. Draping them loosely (instead of stretching them taut) add extra realism as the folds and wrinkles in the fabric creates depth. 

The effect is very different than the frosted glass application described above so you'll be able to choose a look that is just right for your display.

4. In a Mini-Village with a Pico Projector

If you have a small laser projector or a mini "Pico" projector, you can hide it in a mini-village. Break out the Christmas Village and create a gloomy narrative about the goings on in the tiny town. By playing around with the perspective you can create a fascinating series of vignettes. This is especially fun for hobbyists and for those without outdoor display spaces.

5. Along the Ground

This technique is especially fun and, again, can be used in a number of ways. One way is to place the projector close to the ground behind where your guests will be standing. They will not only see their own shadows but those of the characters in Sinister Shadows sneaking up on them. By covering the top of your projector with a "blind" (check out our blog article on DIY projector enclosures) you can make your projector look like a garden light and disguise the true source of the shadows.

Another way to apply the same technique is to project from the side, as though the shadows are being cast from somewhere just out of sight. When your guests turn the corner, expecting to see various nefarious actors, the space will be empty and the source of the shadows will be a mystery. 

Have ideas of your own? Tell us about them in the comments section below. Or, if you've got some pictures/videos of amazing displays, send them to with "AtmosFan of the Week" in the subject. You might be named our top AtmosFan and be showered with all the attendant fame and acclaim (you'll also receive a special gift).

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